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The Family Man Season 1 2019 Hindi Thriller Series Review

The Family Man Season 1

Saloni Thakkar
4 Star popcorn reviewss


The Family Man revolves around the personal and professional life of an intelligence officer which is totally imbalanced due to the hassle in work life, an officer who is not being paid as much as he deserves leading to the household quarrels between husband and wife to live a more than being a middle class.

Story and screenplay

The series has been written very well adding the dark humor such as “Privacy is just a myth as democracy”, also the beginning of story can be made a bit more fun by adding more humor or some other punch liners.


The dialogues are written very delicately keeping in mind the story as well execution part. The witty one-liners with some humorous comebacks makes the show dark, thrilled and humorous all at the same time. The writer has played with words very well turning the innocent dialogues to warning signals.


In the initial scenes the background, the place for shooting has been picked wisely, the story could have picked some race after few scenes but it kept twirling around in different aspects, from the script to executing on the set, from setting Camera and lights to setting moods for different scenes playing the role has been played well.


The performances of the cast is commendable Manoj Bajpayee being the serial liar, to save himself from situations he kept getting caught due to the work nature and taking extreme measure in dreadful situations, Priyamani who is playing the role as Suchitra, wife of Srikant Tiwari played her role actively being a mother and working woman, Neeraj Madhav played the role of Moosa very cunningly and smoothly, Sharib Hashmi who is JK Talpade the 24*7 friend of Srikant who’s been with him through the thick and thin shows the actual meaning of friendship.


The initial few parts wouldn’t give you much satisfaction to continue watching it, because it lacks the mystery and thrill they are the weakest parts of the story, but once you’ve crossed those parts the storyline becomes engaging as now one can relate to the story and role players performing the parts.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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