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The Courier

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At the time of writing this, early morning on Monday, Indian Women’s Hockey Team has created history by beating the mighty Aussies at the Quarter Finals of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and have now qualified for the semis, a day after the Indian Men’s Team had qualified after 49 years. The emotions are real with tears of joy pouring down! What a brilliant turnaround with that fighting spirit. I couldn’t help but incorporate this in my review which is nowhere related to the movie which I am reviewing. So you can make out how happy I am! And with that let me roll up my sleeves on this Miracle Monday and get down to business. With that I finished watching the new film The Courier on Amazon Prime. Is it worth your time, stay tuned!

Story & Screenplay

Based on a true story, The Courier follows the story of a businessman turned spy who along with his Russian source try to put an end to the Cuban Missile Crisis. This was a time for the two super powers The United States Of America and the erstwhile Soviet Union(present day Russia) were pitted against each other. The story is excellent, an espionage story waiting to be told. The screenplay is non hurried and moves at a leisurely pace which here was the need of the hour. Had this been a fast paced thriller, it may not have left a lasting impact. The screenplay wastes very little time and gets to the point from scene one where the Businessman Greville Wynne is offered to keep an eye on the confidential Russian deals while veiled as a businessman in Moscow. The twists and turns are subtle and the screenplay is mainly conversational so you need to pay attention to the dialogues which give you a context on what the dynamics of the situation actually is. The drama get murky towards the back end and those are the scenes that leave an impact on you. On the downside, there were a few scenes with the characters speaking in Russian. Now, for some odd reason there are no subtitles which don’t allow you to get into the crux of the conversation although you do get the gist of what is going on. But overall a taut screenplay that excels in its writing!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are extremely well penned, there are no over the top antics here which was refreshing to watch and witness. The BGM is sharp and minimally used which did work well here. Director Dominic Cooke has done a great job here. The nuanced take on the story leaves a lovely aftertaste to the already refreshing storytelling technique.


The performances are excellent. Merab Ninidze as Oleg is fabulous to watch, so is Rachel Brosnahan as Rachel. But the star of the show is our ‘Doctor Strange’ Benedict Cumberbatch who excels as Greville. There is this likable quality in his performance – he keeps it real and is so effortless almost like a flowing river. He has also gone a massive body transformation which is evident towards the backend with him losing tonnes of body weight(yes exaggerated). This is method acting of the highest order!


The Courier is a fabulous and technically brilliant espionage drama. Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Recommended.

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