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The Breadwinner

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My love for animation movies just seems to be growing ten fold. Unlike any other genres, the premises here are simple and don’t strain your brain after a long day’s work, and also teach you a thing or two about life. With that said, I finished watching the award winning animated film, The Breadwinner on Netflix. What attracted me to the film was that the story was set in Afghanistan. It was only a few days back that there were so many frightening visuals of the Taliban taking over, to a mob of people assembling at the airport to flee their country to a few individuals dropping from an aeroplane. These visuals definitely did upset me to no extent as I kept sending out positive thoughts to the people there. Things are still pretty bad and my heart just aches as I continue to hear terrifying news from the country. It also made me reflect on how lucky we actually are and despite that we continue to crib in our daily lives. This review of mine is dedicated to the people of Afghanistan, in hope that peace will be restored soon and there will be right to equality like it was back in the 70s.

Story & Screenplay

The Breadwinner follows the story of a young girl who disguises as a boy in order to earn food for her family after her father is kidnapped by the Taliban. And as you would already know that women there are suppressed and do not have the luxury to roam around alone, leave alone earning for their family. And sad to say but the story is still relevant even today(this film was out 4 years ago). It just fills my heart with a lot of grief listening to these tales, but one cannot turn your face away from reality! The screenplay is simple yet effective. The struggle that any girl would have to go through(and I can only imagine sitting her) is established from the opening scene itself. That is when you know that this watch is not going to be easy. Soon tragedy strikes as the family are left to strive on their own. What also attracted me was the story within a story(that acts like a parallel story) that was being told, such a contrast to reality yet quite similar. The subtle twists and turns will definitely keep you invested here. And the last 25 minutes will set your hearts pumping with the turn of events that end in a lot of hope, something that we all can wish for even today. A story of pathos, separation, grief, struggle and simply the inspiration to live life one day at a time actually rubs on to the audience giving them hope of continuing to carry on despite all the hardships. A wonderfully well written screenplay!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are poignant and will force you to think. They will stay after you long after the film has ended. The BGM is subtle and cleverly used. The animation is simple yet effective and adds a lot of flesh to the characters. Director Nora Twomey does such a heartfelt job here. There are no manipulation of emotions, in fact the emotions are pure that leave you with moist eyes and a lump in your throat. Just perfect execution if there ever was one.


Laara Sadiq as the voice of Fattema exudes of pain. Kanza Feris as the voice of Sorceress os quite good. Kawa Ada as the voice of Razaq is heartening. Ali Badshah as the voice of Nurullah does teach you a thing or two in life. Soma Chhaya as the voice of Shauzia is impressive. And with a range of emotions to convey, Parvana voiced by Saara Chaudry is heart-touching. Just a brilliant display of voiceover by everyone.


The Breadwinner is a heart-aching tale of survival and hope. Available on Netflix and Highly Highly Highly Recommended. May Peace Be With You!

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