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The Bold Type 2017 English Comedy Series

The Bold Type (S1-S4)

Preeti Goel
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss

This is an American comedy-drama television series created by Sarah Watson and produced by Universal Television for Freeform. It is inspired by the life and career of former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine Joanna Coles, who is executive producer of the series. The series touches on a vast variety of subjects of millennial struggles around self-identity, sex, relationships, career, and much more. Is the series ‘Bold’ enough or just touches the surface. Let us find out.

Based in New York this young, chic, and glamorous series is based on a story of three best friends who work for a woman’s magazine called ‘Scarlet’. The thing I love the most about this series is the subtleness with which it has managed to strike the chords of a tall list of topics like women empowerment, body positivity, lesbian relationships, breast cancer, relationship with an older man, choosing between career and love life, etc. without being a total sucker for all of these. The creators have smartly added these flavors in the lives of these three girls without making the series about ‘in-the-face feminism’ and related topics. It is relevant, fun and at the same time manages to make you think about patriarchy in places we do not even recognize exists.

Jane Sloan (Katie Marie Stevens) is a writer and is balancing between writing meaningful articles yet making them commercially appealing and her medical condition which makes her prone to breast cancer. Sutton Brady (Meghan Fahy) is from a small town, dysfunctional family trying to find her footing and career in a fast-paced and very expensive city like New York. She is also in a relationship with a much older man at ‘Scarlet’ and having to choose between her career and the love of her life. Kat Edison, my favorite in the series is a social media manager at Scarlet who is still figuring out her sexuality and discovers that she is a homosexual. Or is she? She also takes on the state of New York for a fight and is not afraid to stand her ground for what she believes in.

The editor-in-chief, Jacqueline Carlyle (Melora Hardin) is powerful yet sensitive despite her strong character in the series. She is the kind of boss I want. To give a mention to the men at ‘Scarlet’, Oliver Grayson (Stephen Conrad Moore) as Sutton’s boss is adorable, Alex Crawford (Matt Ward) as a supportive colleague has his own moments and Richard Hunter (Samuel Page) is the boyfriend we did not know we needed.

There are a few dull moments otherwise the entire series is totally enjoyable. Decent performances and a good music score make it very watchable. All and all, I love this series for its right amount of sassiness, brains, and vulnerability. Definitely BOLD. Every girl should watch this one and men if you want to know how to understand and love a millennial woman. Channel your inner Goddess and binge-watch this series on Netflix today! Season 5 (the last one) coming out Next Month – May 2021 !

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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