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The Adam Project

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Onto the next release of the weekend and I finished watching The Adam Project on Netflix. This was one film which I was really looking forward to considering that the actor-director duo of Ryan Reynolds and Shaun Levy were returning after Free Man, a film which I had really loved. So I was confident of the concept which would be presented here in The Adam Project. Time Travel with a lot of adventure and dollops of comedy seemed like one of those time travel films from the 80s, more like Back To The Future or thereabout. That said, is The Adam Project worth your time on Netflix, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The Adam Project follows the story of a time traveling pilot who teams up with his younger self and his father to prevent time travel. The story right from its concept level is interesting although the sci-fi element is a touch underwhelming even to begin with. The writers do claim that time travel exists although they cannot quite establish that fact precisely. The screenplay though is entertaining and has its heart in the right place especially in the first hour. The sequence involving the introduction of the Young and Old Adam has a sense of purpose and is heartwarming and heartfelt although very quirky. I really wished their relationship was further developed which would have been a stronger foundation towards the backend of the film. The events involving a gun battle and the chase are enthralling although nothing out of the box.

The issue though starts in the second hour. It somehow fails to do justice to the concept itself. What ought to have been a layered second half leading to the ultimate conclusion, turns out to be a middling second half with lazy writing. The conflict is setup in one scene only to be resolved in the next. The final conclusion is just absurd although the sequences involving the father are heartwarming. This somehow felt undercooked and probably a big weak link in the eventual screenplay as a whole.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are filled with witty one-liners which are entertaining and funny. The BGM is decent but nothing memorable. The cinematography is excellent and the VFX is first rate. Director Shaun Levy has done a decent job although this film is nowhere close to his best. This film lacks the consistency of Free Guy and stumbles in the second hour which hampers its overall impact.


The performances by the stellar cast is outstanding. Zoe Saldana as Laura and Jennifer Garner as Ellie have their moments to shine. Catherine Keener as Sorian is good but should have been a better written character which would be a perfect nemesis to the protagonists. Mark Ruffalo as Louis is heartwarming and earnest. Walker Scobell as Young Adam is excellent and puts his best foot forward. And Ryan Reynolds yet again has his comic timing on point here as The Old Adam. A job well done.


The Adam Project is entertaining but you surely would have expected more out of it. Available on Netflix.

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