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Thank God

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Onto the second new release of the week(and not weekend) and I finished watching the new Hindi film Thank God. There was a time in Bollywood when feel good comedies were doing the rounds. Films like 3 Idiots or Dhamaal had that streak of comedy with a larger picture being that of feel good dramas. And such dramas are an absolute rarity these days. So I was quite looking forward to watching Thank God despite its trailer being just about decent. The thing that did click for me as far as the trailer was concerned was the concept of the film. Yes, it did seem dated but I did feel it was a genre that I would warm up to easily. So then is Thank God worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Loosely based on the film Danish film Sorte Kugler, Thank God follows the story of an egoistic debt ridden man who meets with an accident, only to gain consciousness in heaven. What happens next? The story is not really novel and you have seen similar concepts in even Hollywood films like Bruce Almighty. But having said that, the story has a feel good vibe to it with life lessons spread across its narrative. The screenplay of just over 2 hours does make for a brisk watch without losing focus of its core theme.

The narrative style here is old school and you  will get a 90s vibe to it. If you are a 90s kid then you would know exactly what I am talking about. But for those who don’t, the drama comprises of a collection of scenes which are barely related to one another, with the only thread of connection being the main story that unfolds. So you are introduced to the protagonist and very soon a string of scenes make you form an opinion about him. The scenes are random with no real connection to the main story, however I did not seem to mind it.

Soon the main plot kicks in after the protagonist meets with an accident. And this is where the drama begins to get interesting. The rest of the drama is designed in the form of a game show which is fairly predictable but I did find myself engaged for most parts. The humour here is situational and some of the jokes do manage to land as well. But if you are expecting a hysterical laugh a minute drama like Dhamaal then you may not end up liking the drama. The humour here will put a smile on your face but that is about it. The proceedings are thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining right throughout.

The drama also comprises of some beautifully woven emotional scenes that will connect with you instantly. Also, there are life lessons along the way which will also make you retrospect certain aspects of your own life in a limited capacity. The drama never really rises above the script but it pleasantly does not derail as well. The pace is maintained which means there is seldom a dull moment. The final act might seem simplistic in nature but what it does well is that it gets the emotions right summing up a screenplay that has a feel good vibe to it with getting too preachy, ideal for this holiday season.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are witty although quite old school but they manage to leave a mark. The music is recycled but the good part is that the essence of the original songs are retained that works in the overall scheme of things. The BGM is adequate, the cinematography and VFX are decent although the latter could have been better. Director Indra Kumar might have an old school approach to the drama in hand, but he definitely has his heart in the right place that makes for a pleasant watch through and through. The direction is pretty good.


The performances are pretty decent here. Nora Fateh, Seema Pahwa and Kanwaljit Singh all have their moments to shine as do Kiku Sharda and Vikram Kochhar. Urmilla Kothare is pretty good. Rakul Preet Singh as Ruhi looks pretty and is sincere and earnest here. Ajay Devgn as CG aka Chitragupt is spectacular here and he effortlessly nails a few comic scenes while showing a lot of restraint in emotional ones. Sidharth Malhotra as Ayaan does look a little uncomfortable with comedy especially since his character does require a sense of physicality to it. This is clearly not hos forte and he does look slightly lost in the first hour. But he scores really well in the emotional scenes in the second hour wherein he does feel a lot at home. Overall, his performance was a mixed bag.


Thank God is a feel good and wholesome family entertainer that makes for a good one time watch. Available in a theatre near you.

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