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A few years back, there was a news about a man carrying his wife’s body for over 12 kms as he was refused ambulance services. This had then attracted a lot of attention where there were several discussions made over various channels, only to forget it the next day. The thing with such incidents related to public memory is that it is sadly short lived. People with talk about it, empathise and then just forget about it. We don’t even need to go far to search for these people. You just need to look in your own homes, and you will realise that you and me will be included in this group. With that rant, I finished watching the new Tamil Film Thaen on SonyLiv which tackles a similar subject. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Based on true events, Thaen follows the story of a man who goes to any length(even against his morals) to help find medical aide for his ailing wife. The story which I have described in a single line has so much more to offer that my words cannot do justice to it. It is the most heartfelt story that I have witnessed this year. To give you a perspective, I had finished watching this film yesterday evening, but I just couldn’t get myself to write a review. You may call it grief or its poignant story telling technique but I was thinking about it long after the film had ended. It truely broke my heart to no extent. The screenplay is tight and to the point and highlights many flaws of the system. But the best part is that there is no finger pointing here, it is shown as a collective failure. And more over, the screenplay focusses of the journey of our protagonist and the hardships that he has to go through. The emotional quotient is high and you will find yourself sobbing on more than one occassion especially towards the end. It just shook me so much so that I am still thinking about the film, this is how powerful the screenplay is. Outstanding writing.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are extremely well penned and have a lasting impression. But here I must say that there was an issue with the English subtitles on SonyLiv. There was one line repeated throughout even though the lines muttered were different. If anyone from SonyLiv is reading this then please have it corrected. The music is soulful and really blends well with the drama. The BGM also is first rate. Director Ganesh Vinaayakan has done an outstanding job with this delicate subject. The emotions here are not manipulated but real and that is the victory of the director.


The performances are excellent. I was touched by the performance of the little girl who plays the daughter of the protagonist. My heart just went out for her. Abarnathi as the wife has done a supremely excellent job. You almost feel her pain when she screams. Really a soulful act. Tharun Kumar who plays the husband has helplessness written all over his face. A gut wrenching act of the highest order, watch him break down so effectively in multiple scenes. This combined acting performance has just stayed with me for a long time!


Thaen is the most heartfelt movie of 2021 that will make you cry and ponder over the circumstances long after the movie has ended. Is being poor a crime everywhere? You will find yourself asking such questions. DO NOT MISS THIS FILM! Available on Sony Liv and Highly Highly Highly Recommended!

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