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This is the third consecutive Sunday that I am reviewing a masala entertainer from down South! I guess Sundays should be renamed Masala Entertainer Sundays! With that Poor Joke, I have just finished watching Sulthan on Hotstar. The Telugu version was out on Aha on Friday and the Tamil version is out on Hotstar today and I have watched the Tamil one. The thing with such entertainers particularly from South is that they infuse concepts and storylines which are simple yet entertaining as opposed to mindless collection of scenes that do not make sense. So then does Sulthan fall in that bracket, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Sulthan follows the story of a man from a family of goons who takes it upon himself to transform them into a good leaf by helping out a village. The story really has its heart in the right place, I really enjoyed the concept. The screenplay is also very well written. It is entertaining and definitely has many heartfelt moments too. And because this is a mass masala entertainer, you will have over the top fight sequences and they are very well designed especially at the halfway mark and at the end. This is exactly how you nail an action entertainer with its share of twists and turns that will keep you engaged and engrossed throughout. On the minor blipside, some scenes are a little stretched and could have been trimmed down. And a few songs that stem the flow of the drama which usually is a generic complaint for action entertainers. But overall a job well done.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are truely clap worthy and not to mention engaging and heartening too. The music is good but a few songs are an obstacle to the drama, I really enjoyed the BGM though. Director Bakkiyaraj Kannan has done an excellent job here. He seems to know the pulse of the audience which transforms this entertainer into a memorable one.


The performances are all superb. Napolean and Lal act out their parts really well. Yogi Babi who was last seen in Mandela again manages to tickle your funny bone. Nawab Shah is decent as the businessman. Rashmika Mandanna as Rukmani exudes with innocence and her facial banter with our protagonist is fun to watch. Karthi as Sulthan is the star of the show. I have seen quite a few of his films and he never fails to disappoint. Here too he is excellent.


Sulthan is yet another action masala entertainer done right. Available on Hotstar and Aha and Highly Recommended.

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