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Sudani From Nigeria 2018 Malayalam movie

Sudani from Nigeria

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The movie is set in a rural town in Malappuram, Kerala. Majeed is an unmarried young man who is rejected due to of his lack of a well paying and constant job. Majeed, like many people in his town, has an enormous passion for football and is even a manager of a local team, named ‘MYC Accode’, which participates in Sevens matches. He manages to recruit three Nigerian talented players to his team, who catapults the team’s talent and fame. Although successful in matches, Majeed, his friends and players are financially set-back. Due to an unfortunate accident, the team’s star player Samuel “Sudu” Robinson is hospitalised and is forced to rest for a month while he recovers. Afraid he’ll not be able to afford the hospital charges, Majeed decides to let Samuel rest at the former’s house, where he and his mother are the only inhabitants with occasional visits from his step-father who works as a security guard. Samuel becomes a spectacle for the townsfolk and many people visit the recovering “Sudani from Nigeria”. Majeed and Samuel bond over time and share their personal life stories with each other.

Majeed hates and does not talk to his step-father due to emotional attachment with his late father. He also resents his mother for marrying a second time following the death of her husband (she agreed due to pressure from family and relatives), and refuses to talk to her unless absolutely necessary. Samuel on the other hand lost both his parents in the civil war and lived in a refugee camp with his grandmother and two sisters. Samuel only left in hopes of being able to financially support his family. Trouble comes looking for them when an article in the newspaper, showing a recovering Samuel, Majeed, his friends and neighbours, attracts the attention of Police officials who come asking for Samuel and his passport. Samuel learns that his grandmother has passed away, and wants to immediately leave in order to be with his sisters who were left alone. Chaos ensues when they discover the passport to be missing, and Majeed and his friends looks for it everywhere they could’ve kept it, but in vain. Majeed decides to apply for a duplicate passport, prompting Samuel to reveal that his passport is a fake. He was not able to legally acquire a passport due to him being a refugee and so had to forge a fake one in order to leave for India. The passport is eventually recovered and Majeed manages to buy a ticket for Samuel to Nigeria.

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