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Onto the next release and I finished watching the new Hindi Film Squad on Zee5 which marks the debut of Renzing Denzongpa who is the son of Veteran Actor Danny Denzongpa. Usually in the first paragraph I begin with a small story or an introduction of the movie or series that I review. But here, the roast starts from the introduction. I wonder what prompted me to watch this pile of b*llsh*t in the first place. It has been ages since I really have seen a bad film. This probably would be right up there if ever there was one. Stay tuned for the full roast…err review!

Story & Screenplay

Squad follows the story of a bunch of rookies who are sent on a secret mission to safeguard a young girl. The story might seem decent in paper but if you look closely, this story might have just be penned by a kindergarden kid. It is silly and makes no sense at all, needless to say I couldn’t make head or tail of it. The screenplay is a long and never-ending headache of the highest order. I felt I have aged by a few years during the film. How could anyone serve this absolute DogSh*t. Did they not know how silly they are while penning this screenplay? Right from the first scene that marks the mandatory cliched word “Janaab”, I was put off. Literally no one talks like that and that was just the beginning which now that I look back was the best part of the film. After a bunch of silly sequences including the one featuring a girl with a sniper while the camera focusses on her backside, the mission begins. How much cringe is good cringe you may ask? Keep going … The action seems straight of the videos games that is on easy mode. And all of them uninteresting. *Cough Cough* Sorry I am allergic to b*llsh*t! There were a few mindless twists which were a pathetic attempt at raising the tension, a twist that even a young kid can guess. All this while I was yawning and fidgeting and trying to find some redemption in this film ghat just didn’t seem to end. After fast forwarding the last few reels in what was a ridiculously lame final act, I marked myself safe. I usually am a very lenient critic and generally look for the positives. But there is a limit to the madness. You cannot serve any b*llsh*t in the name of entertainment and expect to get away with it. I apologise if I am being harsh but the message needs to go out!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are far too corny and cringe-worthy, it almost seemed straight out of a B grade film. The music is average at best and whose idea it was anyway to add a hip patriotic song against some action sequences? The BGM is far too loud and not upto the mark. The editing is choppy and just not upto the mark. Director Nilesh Sahay has done a terrible job here. Everyone seemed to be competing on who would out do the other in terms of being the worst in the film.


The performances are not upto the mark. While Mohan Kapur as Bhatnagar is good, his character is more of a caricature. Pooja Batra as Nandini is decent. Tanisha Dhillon as Addy, Amit Gaur as Ajay and Abdullah Osman as Aayatum are all average to put it in a good way. Only some level of intensity was provided by Malvika Raaj(the younger Poo from K3G) who shines in a limited capacity as Aaria. And a word about Renzing Denzongpa(as Bhim …LOL). He cannot act, I am sorry. This was a masterclass of how not to act in a film. He was easily the worst actor of display so much so that it was embarrassing. Making a “grand” entry amidst the smoke and being introduced as the Biggest Indian Action Star, that tag did not age well. Not only is his action pathetic, the man is not nimble at all. Infact the action pieces of Malvika Raaj stand out as compared to him. Renzing did come with the baggage of being a star kid, his dad Danny Denzongpa was one of my favourite actors from yesteryears, he really needs to transform himself if he wants to survive here. He needs to take acting classes for starters, work on his expressions(which were pathetic here and would make someone like Arjun Kapoor equivalent to Amitabh Bachchan) and work on his physique. You just cannot turn up like this. Wishing him the best!


Squad is not bad, IT IS VERY BAD, so much so that I feel lighter after writing about it! Save yourself the time and a paracetamol. Needless to say skip it. Available on Zee5(in case you still want to suffer).

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