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Sorry Bhaisaab

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It has been a while since I have reviewed a short film. As you know we at Popcorn Reviewss provide a platform for smaller gems to showcase their worth(and we apologise if we haven’t got to yours yet). With that I finished watching the new Hindi short film Sorry Bhaisaab on Amazon Mini TV which is available on the Amazon app for free. Is this 20 minute short film worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Following with our tradition, I will not be revealing too much of the plot simply because it might act as a spoiler and ruin your movie watching experience. But the story is quirky and hilarious. The screenplay stays true to its nature right from scene one where you are introduced to the protagonist. This is a situational comedy as opposed to a slapstick one and the conversations and situations created are quite funny and entertaining. There is a tad bit of relatability to the drama as well where you will find that one member in the society or that one family which is the centre of problems. The subtle twist is also interesting leading up to a final act which is shockingly hilarious. Maybe the one drawback would be that the plot os a one-liner but the screenplay is effective in providing much needed entertainment. Overall, a fun filled screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quirky and you will find yourself letting off a chuckle more often than not. The BGM is adequate here although music had little scope here. Directors Suman Adhikary and Sumit Ghildiyal do a splendid job by extracting humour at several places and making the drama relatable but a pinch of entertainment as well!


The performance hinges on the shoulders of the talented duo Sharib Hashmi and Gauahar Khan. They are both brilliant and feed off each other. Sharib Hashmi has this natural flair for comedy and he does a brilliant job in extracting comedy even at unexpected places. Watch him and his expressions in a brilliant last scene! And I have always maintained that Gauahar Khan is quite an underrated actor and a fantastic one may I add. So it gives me enough joy to watch her in these roles. The conversations between the duo is entertaining and quirky and ofcourse hilarious!


Sorry Bhaisaab is a quirky little gem that will leave you in splits! Available on Amazon Mini TV for free!

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