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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Onto the last release of the weekend and while the noise around Adipurush is not dying down, a small little film did make its way to OTT after a limited theatrical release last year. With that, I finished watching the new Hindi film Siya which is now streaming on Zee5. When the film was originally out theatrically in September last year, I was all ready to watch and review the film then. But the movie didn’t find many takers and with shows being cancelled(unfortunately), I had to change my plans and watch something else at the very last minute. Honestly, I can watch anything that features Vineet Kumar Singh, given the prolific actor that he is!

It was in 2017 when one of the worst crimes did take center stage, something that did catch the eye of the media. The place was Unnao wherein a 17 year old was privy to one of the most heinous crimes that deserved the perpretrators to not only be put behind bars but be hanged to death. But such is the state of affairs that the poor little soul had to additionally undergo personal loss before the authorities could punish the powerful perpretrators as guilty. Based on this sensitive topic, I was curious to watch on what Siya had to offer. So then does Siya manage to impress, lets find out!

Story & Screenplay

Based on true events, Siya follows the story of a young 17 year old who does opt to fight for justice against all odds on a heinous crime that was committed on her. How far will she go? The story is a slow burn but extremely uncomfortable to witness as the makers do not try to sugar coat any detail. It is gritty, powerful and quietly hard-hitting in so many ways that has the potential to infuriate you to no bounds. The screenplay standing at well below 2 hours does make for a compelling watch that will stir a range of sentiments within you.

The drama does open with the introduction of the protagonist who is shown to lead a simple life with her family while also being harassed by a bunch of boys from the village. While her initial reaction is to run away from her place, the makers introduce the conflict pretty early on in the screenplay. It is showcased from the point of view of the neighbours and her family who are worried after she doesn’t return home one day. The drama is backed by the right kind of atmospherics that captures the dusty bylanes of the area with a layer of intrigue, instantly giving the viewers an idea that something is amiss. This until the soul-stirring revelation on what exactly transpired with the protagonist.

The proceedings unfold at a leisurely pace that do allow the viewers to settle into the drama which is a slow burn. The approach taken is realistic with absolutely no sugar coating done that would allow any respite to the viewer. The events are uncomfortable and raw, something that will make you squirm in your seat with thr events unfolding. The writers do well in deftly providing a social commentary on caste while exposing the authorities and the system loopholes. This, as you continue to sympathize with the character of Siya who did not deserve to find herself in the difficult situation that was pushed onto her.

The writers do well in highlighting the plight of the family of the victim too wherein every attempt is made at keeping them mute by the concerned parties. If you had followed the case then you would be aware of the subtle twists and turns but otherwise, the events are deeply disturbing. The events leading up to the final act are unassuming and you will be left fuming by the time the film ends. Overall, the screenplay is gritty, unadulterated and hard-hitting that will linger on long after the film has ended!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational but gritty and leave a solid impact. The music and BGM blend really well with the unfolding drama. The cinematography is excellent and captures certain frames which are deeply disturbing and raw. You heart does seeth with anger while continuing to sympathize with the protagonist and that is the beauty of these frames. The editing is quite good too. Director Manish Mundra does a phenomenal job in not compromising the subject with distracting elements. The proceedings are raw and hit you exactly where it hurts the most and for that, the direction deserves distinction marks!


The performances are phenomenal by the entire cast. Shubham Kumar as Deepak does a fine job here. Rohit Pathak as the MLA will make you want to punch him through his teeth, which means a brilliant job done by the amazing actor. Vineet Kumar Singh as Mahinder is wonderfully restrained and acts as a silent support to the protagonist at all times. It was a heartfelt performance by him. Pooja Pandey as Siya is just outstanding and her performance stays with you long after the film has ended. She had such a complex character to essay and complex emotions to emote, and she does a wonderful job! Absolutely brilliant is the word for her performance!


Siya is a hard-hitting slow burn with outstanding performances that makes for a brilliant watch. Available on Zee5 and Highly Recommended!

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