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Shyam Singha Roy

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Quickly moving onto the next release of what is a very crowded weekend. And I have finished watching the new Telugu film on Netflix titled Shyam Singha Roy starring Nani. Now, I have been a fan of Nani ever since I watched Jersey almost 3 years ago. This is one actor who is in the commercial space but still tries to do something different everytime. So each time his movie is out on OTT, it has me interested. That said, does Shyam Singha Roy manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Shyam Singha Roy follows the story of an aspiring filmmaker charged with plagiarism who has visions of his previous birth. The story might not seem very novel considering it tackles the concept of reincarnation which has been done to death with. But within that space the story is presented in a fresh and novel way. Firstly, this is in the commercial space so there are bound to be certain sequences(especially the fight sequences) which are over the top. But the writers here have made an effort in writing a screenplay that attempts to be believable. And this is a multi genre setup like we have been privy to in our past. While this starts of as a comedy with elements of romance integrated which makes for a nice and breezy watch, the main conflict begins 40 minutes into the film. And this is where the film takes the route of reincarnation. Once the setup has changed, the drama holds more weightage. There are several social issues which are addressed and handled pretty well. Certain mythological references made through a few dance sequences are impressive. The love angle in the second hour also works pretty well. The twists and turns in the second half are predictable but they will keep you engaged throughout. What I really liked here was how the writing ties up all the loose ends at the end. So this is quite a well written screenplay which is entertaining throughout.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are well return and I could totally imagine a few of them inducing claps and whistles. The music is good and the best part is that none of the songs stall the flow of the drama. The BGM is good too and blends well with the drama. The cinematography is pretty impressive and it captures some beautiful scenes pretty efficiently. Director Rahul Sankritan does a wonderful job keeping the commercial element intact and also holding the attention of the audience through some gritty drama in the second hour.


The performances are pretty good. Jishu Sengupta as Debendra is impressive in a cameo, as is Rahul Ravindran as Manoj particularly towards the backend. Murli Sharma as Advocate Krishnamoorthy is pretty good. Venkat as Mahant is intimidating. Madonna Sebastian as Padmavathi makes her presence felt. Krithi Shetty as Keerthi looks gorgeous and does a good job. One of my favourites Sai Pallavi as Rosie is spectacular and delivers a heartfelt performance. I cannot praise her enough for her performance. Nani in a dual role as Shyam Sundar Roy and Vasu is terrific. He has a demeanor of a superstar and he is quite brilliant here. He puts up a fine act here, never going overboard. The fan boy in me will sleep well tonight!


Shyam Singha Roy is quite an entertaining reincarnation drama. Available on Netflix.

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