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Shuddh Desi Romance 2013 Hindi Romance Movie Review

Shuddh Desi Romance

Himanshi Chatwani
3 Star popcorn reviewss

With over 7 billion people in the world most love stories are sometimes textbook. Once in a while though people follow their heart completely & the stories that unfold are surprising, flaw some yet raw & real. They could bring along more twists & heartbreaks than the regular ones but that’s how love is, isn’t it? Acceptable with everything it brings along with it. Shuddh Desi Romance unravels the lives of 3 people in different circumstances & beliefs but somehow their paths cross each other’s. Is it a watch worth your heart beats & time? Read on to find out

Raghu-(Sushant)-the-Romeo is a tourist guide in Jaipur, making up stories to sell garments to tourists, who also doubles up as rental baraati for Goyal (Rishi Kapoor), a shaadi planner. He meets the rebellious Gayatri (Parineeti) who is also a rental baarati when he meets her and feels an attraction towards her. The Shaadi they are going to is of Raghu himself to Tara (Vaani Kapoor), who he has met just once but has agreed to marry her just because she is beautiful. They end up making out on the bus & it confuses Raghu to run away from the wedding on the pretext of going to the toilet. Sometime later he bumps into Gayatri & confesses his feelings towards her & she realises she likes him too. They end up living together & two cutesy songs later they decide to get married. Gayatri leaves Raghu at the wedding by going to the toilet & then running away exactly how Raghu had previously done since she is unsure about his intentions. In the next wedding he is rented as a baarati he bumps back into Tara where she takes matters & the plot into her own hands. Rishi Kapoor aptly says the dialogue ‘Ab bhaagte hi rahoge ya theheroge bhi?’ Quite a fitting dialogue for the Gen Y. Tara and Raghu start meeting each other, this time trying to get to know each other a little better & of course making out in the process. Here is a plug of one of my favourite songs “Shaam Gulabi” which shows their fun dating experience around the city. At Tara’s friend’s wedding she & Raghu bump into Gayatri which is a really awkward encounter which turns more absurd as Raghu has to drive Gayatri to the station to pick the priest. The drive is hilarious in more ways than one & it ends with them meeting Tara back at the wedding and chilling together over a meal. Modern ways of dating aren’t really a piece of cake after all. At the iconic meeting point of the toilet at the wedding Tara catches Gayatri & Raghu getting close & then having a conversation with her in an empty bus. That really represents the maturity in a way that Tara has & Gayatri’s honesty is endearing. In a moment with Gayatri, Tara realises she is over Raghu & just disappears. Of course, Raghu & Gayatri try to talk it out & with the help of Mr Goyal they finally end up deciding to get married once again. This time both of them run away from their wedding separately & meet back at Gayatri’s house. They realise that they somewhere don’t believe in weddings yet love each other & want to be together with their own free will & not bound by vows.

Director Maneesh Sharma of Band Baaja Baraat & Ladies vs Ricky Behl fame has a flair of really bringing out the nuances of the characters alive from the actors. Sushant Singh Rajput has done a brilliant portrayal of the commitment phobic Raghu who makes the audiences as confused as he is but you are still rooting for him somewhere. That is his appeal. Parineeti as Gayatri has elevated her character with her expressions & acting. A special mention for the then 21-year-old Vaani Kapoor who as Tara really delivers a great debut performance. Quite matured, restrained & it also got her the Filmfare award for Best Female Debut. Last but not the least the affable & natural Rishi Kapoor as the lovable Mr Goyal has infused the light heartedness well in his character. In all this movie has a ‘Shuddh’ new take on “Desi Romance” & does account for a great watch.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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