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It is not everyday that we at Popcorn Reviewss have an opportunity of reviewing a short film. And this is a platform that we would like to give a voice to some of the short films that need your attention. So when a couple of days back, I got to know that a new short film Shimmy is going to be out on Amazon Mini TV, naturally I was excited. It comes from Sikhya Production house who have a heartbeat of a studio and are doing their bit in creating content that is original and interesting. And as always, I do not believe in watching trailers these days as I really wish to be surprised everytime I watch a film. So is the short film Shimmy worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Like is the case with every short film, I will not be revealing the plot as anything that I say can potentially act as a spoiler in a short film. So I would want you to experience it first hand. The story is actually an eye opener. I mean there have been so many movies that have been made tackling a similar subject yet this is such a different perspective from the point of view of the daughter. It is so tough being a girl without being judged as compared to boys/men who are unaware of the problems which girls face even after becoming a father. Such a poignant subject and so well conveyed. The screenplay is quite layered which is a rarity in a short film and I am sure it quite relatable to girls too. The father daughter equation shown here is heartwarming and heart touching and probably close to reality too. What the screenplay also does is that it is successfully able to tackle the everyday problems in the life of a ‘single’ father who is naturally oblivious of the requirements of his daughter. The awkwardness is also well showcased here. And then the perspective again changes with a fleeting glimpse of another woman that brings with her hope and an understanding towards the daughter which also acts like a metaphor for how important women are in a household and how they complete the society. This in a way is also a path of awareness of the father towards his daughter in many ways. All in all an extremely well penned screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are simple but extremely well penned. The BGM blends quite nicely with the drama. Director Disha Noyonika Rindani has done a phenomenal job tackling a delicate subject and giving it a human touch to it. It makes me want to think this chapter might be probably from her personal experience too but just an outstanding piece of direction here.


The performances are brilliant here. Bhamini Oza as Sheetal is such an endearing character and she definitely possesses an instant likability to her. Her real life better half Pratik Gandhi who plays the father is just so natural onscreen. The awkwardness that he shows is so well portrayed and this is an honest and heartfelt attempt to make the character look relatable. Which brings me to Chahat Tewani who plays the daughter. Her acting was so good that it made me look up her nane before I could end the film. Such a genuine and brilliant portrayal by an actor that you are sure to hear more of in the future. And ofcourse needless to say, the three of them create magic together!


Shimmy is one of the most heartfelt and real short film that you will see all year. Available on Amazon Mini TV and Highly Highly Recommended.

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