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Set It Up 2018 Romantic Comedy English Movie Review

Set It Up

Sana Patel
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Romcoms are my favorite genre to watch. Unfortunately, most of the romantic comedies made in recent times are extremely predictable and over the top. 

Set it up has an original story line with good set of actors, which will make the 105 minutes of this film flow by in a jiffy.


The story revolves around 2 over worked and underpaid assistants working in the same building. Harper Moore ( Zoey Deutch) is assistant of Kristen Stevens ( Lucy Liu) Who is a journalist and runs an online journalism empire. Whereas Charlie Young ( Glen Powell) works for Rick Otis ( Taye Diggs) who is a venture capitalist. 

Both Zoey and Charlie’s bosses are complete workaholics due to which they are always the last ones to leave office resulting in no social or personal life. A chance encounter between the two in the lobby of the building makes them realize that both of them are in the same boat and decide to set their obnoxious and narcissistic bosses with each other, so that when the bosses are busy banging each other ( they actually say that) they can enjoy their social life.

The plot is simple and relatable to most of us who are stuck in offices for long hours. The scenarios which leads to setting up the bosses are so funny and unique, it will give you a hearty laugh. Through out the movie not once will you get bored and definitely re watch this for our beloved Lucy Liu who is solid as the ignorant, conceited yet extremely lovable.


Set is up is one of the best romcoms available on Netflix and produced in the recent times . It definitely has the re-watch factor. Its breezy, likable and just such a fun watch to unwind after a hectic day. The plot actually revolves around two overworked assistants trying to balance their work and personal life by setting up their bosses with each other. Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs are just hilarious together and Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell have amazing chemistry.

Writing / Performance

The story is very simple and perhaps this is its strongest virtue of this film. All characters go through the arch which seems seamless. Kudos to Katie Silberman (Writer) for keeping the story practical and realistic yet engaging and funny. Lucy Liu as Kristen, stole the show for me. She is so so good and hence we know why she is such a big name in the industry. Glen Powell is relatively new but is equally good and so is Zoey Deutch. Taye diggs compliments Lucy very well and together they are fire on screen.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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