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Taniyaa Mehta
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In the world of formula one, Schumacher is a name, everyone knows. The legend, who holds the record of being the world champion 7 times. An inspiration for everyone who knows about him, A person who has gone through intense Highs and lows and someone we are all praying for.

I watched “Schumacher” on Netflix recently and being a Formula one fan, that documentary got me all teared up and gave me chills throughout. I know about Schumacher since I started watching formula one.

Coming to the movie made by Netflix, I really enjoyed it. Someone who knows about Schumacher very briefly could learn alot about him through the documentary and it was an emotional roller coaster. For a fan like me, who loves F1, I think I expected something more. I already knew everything that was said and showed and after a point I wanted something more.

I was a little disappointed with the fact that they have not given much information about his current condition and ended the documentary quite abruptly. If I sit to compare this documentary with “Senna” oh boy, that’s how a documentary should be and that’s that’s i expected from Schumacher as well.

On the whole, its a good watch.

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