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Satellite Shankar

Saloni Thakkar
4 Star popcorn reviewss


The movie revolves around the life of an Indian Army Soldier , who has duty on border of Kashmir. His personality is shown as someone who is righteous, ethical, helping everyone in need, dealing smartly in the crossfire situations and he has a melodious voice. During the crossfire he gets mild injury, where his superior asks him to take rest for a week and later join the basecamp. Taking advantage of this situation he asks for a leave to meet his mom and complete her long pending eye surgery.

Story & screenplay

The beginning takes up at a good pace, but eventually it gets dried up in the between parts, as Shankar being an empathic person and giving sympathy towards people in problem and sadness himself faces numerous issues and gets stuck in every new problem. Shankar has been shown as Smart and Intelligent person but in few scenes he has played role very stupidly. The movie is ‘feel good’ in nature and will make you believe in the strength and unity of Indians. The climax takes a very good u-turn and will take you on an emotional ride. The shots are good but some more work could have been done on the Story part, eventually leading to the screenplay.

Dialogues, music & direction

Few of the dialogues are very apt and will make you emotional, laugh and make the blood rushing in your body during the climax scene. The romantic dialogues could have been improved, the lyrics of music seemed little off from the storyline going in the movie.


The movie makes you smile over the simplest and smallest things. It has well intention but the execution part seems weak. If you are looking for something which makes you smile, laugh and cry at the same time and even brings out the patriotism in you. This movie is perfect for you.


A1 Express movie depicts the situation about today’s generation how they have to still fight for things which belongs to them and how they are not afraid to take a stand and fight for it. The narration is impressing more work could be done in the first part as the story moves slowly, if you can ignore that the film is a good watch.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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