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Sardar Ka Grandson

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If you are shocked seeing me, hold your horses! It is just Wednesday and the weekend is still 3 days away. But such is the situation that you will find me and my review all through the rest of the week so make sure to bookmark our site and turn on any notifications of the posts on social media. And with that lets get to our review. And I have just finished watching the latest offering from Bollywood Sardar Ka Grandson on Netflix. Its trailer was promising, is the film as good, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Sardar Ka Grandson follows the story of an old lady whose last wish is to see the house she used to reside in across the Border. Enter the grandson who would go to any length to fulfill her wish. The story is heartwarming and sweet. But it is the screenplay that is a bit of a let down(coupled with the act of our protagonist which I will get to in a bit). The screenplay is patchy and really tries too hard to create moments. While the first half is decent as you get introduced to the characters and their conflicts, the second half drags slightly where the writers try too hard to evoke that sentiment of the drama being ‘feel good’. The struggle should have been a little more and also the conflicts more substantial. To give you a perspective, the mayor of Lahore is causing obstacles because he had a personal grudge against a 90 year old woman during an India-Pakistan match. Seems way too far fetched! But there are a few moments that are good as well. The pre partition sequences during a flashback were well told and well shot. Also, the climax is pretty good and somewhere touches your heart. But otherwise the screenplay is insipid often confused whether to be a comedy or a heart touching drama. I felt the tone should have been the latter for sure.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are alright but I had a major issue with it trying to typecast a community. I recently watched two mastercrafts – Qissa and Meel Patthar and the Punjabi spoken there was very authentic as compared to the drama here where almost every other line begins with ‘Kaake’. It did put me off to be honest. The music is decent with yet again remixes being produced and I really wonder when this trend will stop. Director Kaashvi Nair has done a decent job though her direction is rough around the edges. Certain sequences could have been trimmed further. The thing with a subject like this is that you just need to find the correct wavelength and watch the magic unfold. But, here that was exactly the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.


Kumud Mishra is pretty good as the Mayor which turned out to be an underwritten role. Kanwaljit Singh as Amreek’s father is first rate, Soni Razdan as Amreek’s mother is alright. Rakul Preet Singh as Radha is decent. I do not like to single a person out but Arjun Kapoor as Amreek fails to impress yet again. His performance is outright plain and flat. And I could literally count the number of his expressions on my right hand. He really needs to pull up his socks, infact it is surprising that he has been getting repeated chances with big banners. Time to buck up Arjun, Good Luck! John Abraham as Gurbaz is pretty good and evokes the right kind of emotions. Aditi Rao Hydari as the Young Sardar looks so pretty and does an excellent job though her accent is slightly inconsistent which she more than makes up with her brilliant acting. Talking of brilliance, the star of the show is undoubtedly Neena Gupta as Sardar. Right from her demeanor to her body language, she owns the screen. Perhaps one of the reasons for an inconsistent and sluggish second half is her absence for most parts. This was a memorable outing sadly in a forgetable film.


Sardar Ka Grandson was potentially a feel good entertainer with a beautiful message. Sadly, the lacklustre and muddled writing and an even so lacklustre performance by its lead makes it a forgetable watch. Available on Netflix.

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