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We have a new release on Monday, knowing Amazon Prime and the movies that they release a night before, I finished watching the new Malayalam film Sara’s. As mentioned earlier, this year has been an iconic one for the Malayalam industry. While they had been producing quality content over the years as well, they have finally been noticed through the innumerous OTT platforms with the audience lapping up their content. So any new Malayalam release is highly anticipated and more often than not they do not disappoint. Their latest offering is Sara’s and lets find out if it follows the high benchmark set by the industry.

Story & Screenplay

Sara’s follows the story of Sara who is an associate director and is working on making a film one day. There are many hurdles along the way, some featuring her personal life as well. The story is an absolute slice of life with a fresh vibe associated with it. The screenplay is again well written. It is light and frothy from start to finish. Its leisurely pace is just right to hold the narrative together. The entire screenplay is from a female’s gaze and so to a viewer she might seem selfish or confused but that is what keeps her character real and not cliched. The conflict around the halfway mark acts as a catalyst to take the story forward. This single conflict could have made the drama melodramatic, but such is the treatment here that it blends well with the screenplay. On the downside, there are a few scenes which may seem dragged or repetitive in the middle. And the pre climax did have a preachy message which somehow seemed forced. But the climax is fresh and this is where the movie scores some brownie points for a not so cliched ending, in fact quite a bold one. The screenplay is a breathe of fresh air that will put a smile on your face.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are not too heavy and will often leave you with a wide smile. The music is quite good, the BGM is excellent. The production design of the film definitely adds in giving a fresh young vibe to the film. Director Jude Anthany Joseph has done a terrific job narrative the story from a female’s point of view which itself is very refreshing to watch. The delicate details are for all to watch, direction is just perfect to deftly tackle the issues of the society.


The performances are excellent. Srindaa shines in a cameo particularly towards the very end. Siddique as the doctor is very earnest. Dhanya Varma as Jeevan’s sister is pretty good. Sunny Wayne as Jeevan is just such a likable character. There is this charm to him that really works well. Of course he has a towering screen presence and does a fine job with his role. And Anna Ben as Sara is my favourite. She looks so cute and has such a disarming smile that will melt even the strongest of hearts. And she puts in so many emotions and shades to her character that really will make you fall in love with her and also at times empathize with her. What a brilliant act!


Sara’s is a sweet little tale which is a breathe of fresh air and will put a smile on your face. Available on Amazon Prime.

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