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It is Saturday evening as I pen this review, so lets get our adrenaline flowing shall we? And I have just finished watching the new Hindi film Sanak on Disney Plus Hotstar. It stars one of my favourite action stars Vidyut Jammwal who is known for his fluidity in performing stunts. Its trailer promised some mouth watering moves for the action junkie in me, does the film live upto its promise, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Sanak follows the story of a hostage situation at a city hospital and standard Vidyut Jammwal Action Pieces to save the day! I would tend to overlook the initial part of the story and I clearly wasn’t in for the story. And coming to the latter half, I was immensely happy watching the action scenes. The screenplay is a bit routine and cliched at many places. While the action sequences are outstanding and I will come to it in a minute, the rest of the screenplay is definitely watchable but quite routine. With a runtime of under 2 hours, the screenplay is fast paced and doesn’t allow you time to think although it is entirely predictable and pretty straightforward. Also, the comedy route that it takes where one of the character provides some humour did put me off a bit. If you have watched movies like Die Hard or The Raid then their sole attention was on action and action alone with no room for any comedy or drama. They resorted to pure carnage which was the shortcoming here. The drama is a lot better in the second hour with some tension being created that is palpable. This culminates into a decent final act. Overall a decently engaging screenplay.

Which brings me to the action set pieces. They are outstanding and will keep you hooked and entertained throughout! Kudos to the action director for opting for some fresh movies in intense and high velocity action set pieces! A dream for every action junkie!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are a bit corny and could have been penned better. The music is alright but the BGM is pulsating. I had some issues in editing also which wasn’t sharp enough. The cinematography is excellent particularly in the action sequences. Director Kanishk Varma has done a fair job in this film but he does manage to keep the audience invested throughout! There is never a dull moment and that can be attributed to the direction too!


The performances are pretty good. The action stunt performers are all outstanding here. Chandan Roy(don’t mistake him with Chandan Roy Sanyal) is pretty good as Rizwan. Neha Dhupia as ACP Jayati is good in a limited role and does qhat is expected of her. Rukmini Maitra in her debut outing as Anshika looks pretty and is confident in front of the camera. She is quite impressive here with a good screen presence. Chandan Roy Sanyal is the ideal nemesis for our protagonist. He is simply effortless and witty and the fabulous actor that he is, does an excellent job. But this is an out and out Vidyut Jammwal show! His action sequences are addictive where  one can watch them on loop. And he does a good job in the acting department too. I just hope for a better script that could utilize his action skills even better(War 2 anyone??). The man is a live wire with electrifying moves. All I can say is Vidyut Jammwal OP!


Despite its predictable plot, Sanak is carnage, pure carnage! And yes Vidyut Jammwal OP! Available on Hotstar.

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