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Samantar (Season 2)

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Onto the final release of the weekend and I have just finished the second season of Samantar. Right from the time its trailer of season 2 was out last week, I had to hustle and finish season 1 first as I had missed watching it last year. And so while season 1 was a slow buildup to now an eventual season 2, I was really excited to watch season 2. Now that I have finished late on the weekend, here are my two cents about the series. Whether it is worth it or not, you will have to stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Based on a novel by the same name by Suhas Shirvalkar, The second season of Samantar starts from the point season 1 had ended. So we have our protagonist nervously anticipating another woman in his life which might potentially changed his life for the worse. Thus begins his tussle with fate. The story has a fresh concept unlike most other shows on MX Player which are high one hormones and low on content. It also has a philosophical take on life on whether anyone can run away from his own fate. The screenplay unfolds like a tense thriller. Since most of the characters were setup in season 1, the drama wastes no time in digging into the issue. With the initial rise in his life, the protagonist has the advantage of the diary to anticipate and prepare for the circumstances of the next day until the entry of the catalyst. The drama really engrosses you and keeps you glued to your seat. There are certain sequences that are slightly stretched but the fast paced screenplay usually takes over and doesn’t allow you time to think. Also some of the psychological aspects are simplified instead of leaving the viewers confused which here was a smart move considering the concept which itself was fresh. The drama after multiple twists culminates into a cliffhanger that will leave you with a sense of satisfaction. The screenplay here is excellent.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues comprising of unapolegetic expletives right through the narrative are well penned and leave a lasting impact. The philosophical angle towards the end are just thought provoking. The music blends well with the drama, the BGM is excellent. A word on the colour pallete of some of the scenes – the tinge of green truely added so much to the drama! Director Sameer Vidwans has done a splendid job with a high concept yet tricky drama that required some amount of skill to execute it perfectly. The plot was convoluted and could so easily have been lost. Instead, the director emerges with flying colours.


The performances are truely excellent. Tejaswini Pandit as Nima has done terrific job. She holds her own in several tense and emotional sequences. She is one of the few actors that can emote through her eyes. Saie Tamhankar as Sundari/Meera, the new addition to the group is simply outstanding. I have been a fan of her work with her portraying some of the most complex characters with ease, here she is no different. Two distinct yet similar characters played to perfection by her. And notice the two different dialects to differentiate between characters. Which brings me to two actors both of whom have coincidentally played the role of Sri Krishna. Nitish Bharadwaj as Sudarshan Chakrapani is simply brilliant. A seasoned actor bringing all his experience into play. And the pick of the lot is Swwapnil Joshi as Kumar Mahajan who has so many emotions to play with and you truely see the brilliance in his acting. This is one acting masterclass you cannot miss!


The second season of Samantar is a thrilling and gripping drama with a dash of philosophy thrown in. With some brilliant performances, this season is a notch better than season 1. Available on MX Player and Highly Recommended.

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