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I handpicked Sajjan Singh Rangroot to be watched and reviewed. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Set in the era of World War 1, Sajjan Singh Rangroot is the story of a brave heart Indian Sikh who fought in the British Army against the Germans. The story is a good one as there aren’t too many movies made on World War 1(I remember watching only one, 1917 !). The screenplay is written on a grand scale though it does follow a similar template with a few unnecessary side plots that could have been avoided. Nevertheless, it does suck you in and keeps you invested in the drama. While the first half is a slow build up, the second half shifts gears as the drama shifts to the battleground. The dialogues are excellent with outstanding BGM that infuses life into the drama. The music though stalls the drama and could have been avoided. The film has also been superbly shot(including the combat scenes) and coming from a regional cinema, it is an excellent effort. Director Pankaj Batra has done a phenomenal job with the direction, there is detailing which adds a layer to the drama.

Dheeraj Kumar as Dheera Singh has his moments to shine. Jagjeet Sandhu as Teja is yet again outstanding! Caroline Wilde as Becky is fantastic in a character that stays with you even though she is in a cameo. Sunanda Sharma as Jeeti looks sweet oozes with innocence. Yograj Singh as Zorawar is first rate and his each dialogue delivery commands your attention. Diljit Dosanjh as Sajjan Singh is such a natural. He is affable and yet you root for his character throughout.

Sajjan Singh Rangroot is an outstanding watch. Yes, the budget might be low but the Josh is still high!

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