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Safe Haven 2013 English Romance Movie Review

Safe Haven

Sana Patel
3 Star popcorn reviewss


This 2013 romantic thriller drama movie is based on Nicholas Sparks’s 2010 best selling novel of the same name. Having first read the novel and later watch the film, I can say that the screenplay of the film does full justice to the novel adaption.


The story begins with Erin (Jullianne Hough) looking terrified and trying to flee away from her house with a bloody knife in her possession. She sneakily manages to leave her house in Boston and reaches a small town in North Carolina. 

Erin now works at a café as a waitress and goes by the name Katie. She has changed her appearance so that she can blend in the crowd unrecognized. She minds her own business and prefers staying low when she is approached by her neighbor JO (Cobie Smulders) to be friends. She slowly starts opening up and on Jo’s insistence finally gives in to the persistent Alex (Josh Duhamel) who is a widowed father of two young children.


This might look like a simple countryside, feel good romance story; but it definitely has the surprise element and will shock you on few occasions with its plot twist. Not a perfect film but worth your time for its engaging plot and grounded performances.

Katie is a ray of hope for Alex who has given up on love after the death of his wife and struggles to be good father to his kids. Katie’s world comes crashing down just when she decides to finally embrace her new life in this small town with Alex and his kids. She realizes that she cannot be happy and needs to be on the run for her survival. Why is she running away and what is she hiding?; forms the crux of the story. By the time the movie reaches the climax everyone’s life gets tangled. Some unexpected truths are discovered when least anticipated. It will definitely peek the audience interest and keep them hooked.


The director has (Lasse Hallström) done full justice to the adaption. The essence of all the characters is portrayed very well, without losing their innocence. The screenplay is gripping and has a perfect pace. The lead pair have very good chemistry and Cobie in her role of Jo is equally good.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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