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Onto the next release of the weekend and I have just finished watching the Kannada film Roberrt on Amazon Prime. A couple of weeks back I had watched and reviewed the Kannada film Yuvarathnaa which was this massy entertainer that I really enjoyed. The thing about massy entertainers for me is exactly that. They should entertain no matter what the story is. If the entertainers aren’t entertaining enough then they fall flat. So then the question, is Roberrt entertaining, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Roberrt follows the story of a stammering father who stays with his stammering son in Lucknow until he gets embroiled with local MLAs. That gives way to skeleton in the cupboard. Is there something more that meets the eye? The thing about mass entertainers from down South is that they have a little more layered story. In other words, they do not show all their cards right away. Here it is no different. The screenplay is once again entertaining although a little inconsistent and like always over the top. While you fall in love with the simplicity of the protagonist in the first hour, the second hour flips on its head with a long flashback. Now, why do I then say it is inconsistent? It is because standing at almost 3 hours, some scenes and a couple of songs could have been left out on the edit table. But nevertheless there are several twists and turns that will keep you hooked and entertained. And the climax is thoroughly entertaining with an element of comedy done right.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are again well penned and would definitely cater to your massy germ. I can totally imagine the audience bringing the roof down at a theatre listening to the dialogues. The music is decent but it definitely stalls the flow of the drama and adds to the runtime. A special mention of the cinematography and the action choreography that are marvellous  Director Tharun Sudhir has done a pretty good job with the direction. The way he has presented the story and our main protagonist, it is commendable.


The performances are all good. Ravi Kishan is good in a cameo as MLA Tripathi, so does Tejaswini Prakash and Yashas Surya. Likewise for Aishwarya Prasad who provides comic relief. Shivaraj K R Pete as Bobby is also pretty good, and although initially skeptical, I liked how his character wasn’t reduced to a caricature. Sonal Monteiro as Raghava’s wife is excellent in a smaller role. Vinod Prabhakar as Raghava has some good screen presence. Asha Bhat as Amrutha in her debut outing impresses and she looks very pretty too. P. Ravi Shankar as Sarkar and Jagapathi Babu as Nana are both first rate, although typical antagonists. Darshan as Roberrt is another larger than life protagonist and he also manages to impress. His “dual” roles show distinct characters that are different from each other. He really gives you a high with his persona.


Roberrt is thoroughly entertaining and well worth your time. Available on Amazon Prime.

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