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Resort to Love 2021 English Romantic Comedy Movie Review

Resort to Love

Arpita Mukherjee
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


2021 American romantic comedy film “Resort to Love” ,written by Tabi McCartney and Dana Schmalenberg, and directed by Steven Tsuchida. It’s about the so-called predictable love triangle set in the east African islands of Mauritius. Though the scenic beauty, appealing personalities of the lead actors and comical interpretations of their journey consequences are the key factors shown in the trailer, I was excited more to watch the romcom storyline set in fresh breeze. It fails to amaze me with something out of the box, I must say.

Story and screenplay

The story starts with Erica Wilson (Christina Milian),who is a struggling yet passionate singer .Her career goes into complete haywire when rapper Cre (Kayne Lee Harrison),collaborated with Erica refuses to release his latest album. Also after her engagement breakup, she barely finds any motivation to stand up for her own. With the help of her one and only friend Amber (Tymberlee Hill), who works as a social media marketer, she bags an offer at a resort in the East African island of Mauritius. After lots of hesitations and confusions, she finally lands in the island to freshly start her new ‘’gig” journey. Though marriage song live performance is her extreme nightmare to face, soon she faces her ex-fiancé Jacob King (Jay Pharoah) there, whom she could not forget yet.

Her journey takes a surprising u-turn as she learns Jacob stays at the same resort and books his destination marriage here with Beverly Strattford (Christiani Pitts) and she will have to perform at his marriage .Initially shocked, she responds well with the situation and It’s pretty entertaining to watch how her complicated journey makes her strong, mature and responsible. I love the support she gets from jacob’s brother Caleb (Sinqua Walls).

Caleb adds charm, strength and sensuality to Erica’s character and their sizzling chemistry rocks, I must say. 

Overall the entire storytelling is entertaining and easy to go with the flow.

Performance & Direction

Directed by Steven Tsuchida, “Resort to Love” is an entertaining movie that focuses on Erica’s journey. Set in beautiful island, cinematography is beautiful and I love Erica’s costume and unique hairstyle, they perfectly show summer beach vibes. 

Christiana perfectly fits in Erica’s shoe. She is beautiful in every aspect. This romcom is all about showing her unique journey and thrilling experiences and her expression is marvelous, her comical timing is speechless. I love her bonding with Beverly specially. “Resort to Love” also shows beautiful angle of friendship between Erica and Jacob after their breakup.

Sinqua Walls as Caleb is convincing. His hot gaze surely plays a vital role for Erica to move on. His maturity also serves well to find stability in Erica’s life.

I love Beverly’s character. The story shows beautiful friendship between two girls instead of their hard hitting competition of winning over a man’s heart. Christiani Pitts plays the perfect down to earth and joyous side of Beverly who dreams of a happy blissful life. For her genuine and open communication only, Erica finally finds much needed closure of her unsuccessful love life.

All character’s additions are properly explained and they play important roles to carry on the entire movie perfectly.


Resort to Love is definitely entertaining one that fits with the tagline “Life is magical and you will get fair chances to feel it in your own ways”. 

It shows Erica’s character growth and you will find it interesting, trust me. It’s definitely binge watched from my end.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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