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Reliving the Music of Aga Bai Arecha

Reliving the Music of Aga Bai Arecha
Shraddha Dedhia Featured Writers
Shraddha Dedhia

Released in the year 2004, when we lived in the era of CDs and MP3s, the music of and songs of Agabai Arecha made me believe in the magic of Ajay-Atul. I remember taking an auto back from school and those were the days when the autos had a music system. I asked the autowala to start the tape (yeah, that’s what we called a music system back then). A random Marathi song started playing. I was about to tell him to change the track, but somehow I started enjoying the song. The track that he played was – Man Uddhan Varyache.

I was so mesmerized by the song that I wanted to hear it again. But back then, we didn’t have an option to play it on youtube or spotify. It was then that I decided to go to my nearest music store and buy an MP3 for the album. The songs of the album ‘Aga Bai Arecha’ just thrilled me. So here, I decided to write a quick blog on the magic of the music of ‘Aga Bai Arecha’.

The movie has 10 tracks of which 5 tracks are in the movie. The songs have been composed by the magical duo – Ajay Atul.

Track 1: Durge Durghat Bhari 

Singer: Ajay & Chorus 

Lyrics: Sant Narhari 

This track is actually an Aarti of Goddess Durga. I am so pretty sure that a Mumbaikar would have definitely heard the original track in Ganesh Chathurthi Aarti. But this version is so amazing that it made me believe how merely changing the tune (dhun) can elevate the lyrics to a new level. Calm, melodious and spiritual – all of these three would define the song. Generally the Aartis we hear in Ganesh Festivals are loud and energetic, but this was a whole new reprised version which sounded so soothing to the ears. The video of the song is also a treat to the eyes.

Track 2: Gondhal/ Malharwari 

Singer: Shahir Sable & Ajay 

Lyrics: Shahir Sable 

Before we talk about the song, let us understand what does Gondhal mean in Marathi folk. Gondhal is the dramatic narration of mythological stories and folk legends as a part of the ritual dedicated to deities like Renuka, Bhavani and Amba. It is said that the Gondhal dance form was created by the warrior-sage Parasuram. The dance is composed of dynamic movements and the dancers are brightly dressed and ornamented. The song Malharwari has brought the folk to life. Energetic and able to get the music instruments to life is the magic of Ajay-Atul which they have shown in the song !

Track 3: Chham Chham Karta Hai 

Singer: Vaishali Samant 

Lyrics: Shyam Anuragi 

Vaishali Samant never fails to make us dance on her Marathi tunes. After Aika Dajiba, I could feel the magic in this song too. For 90s fan, this song is a treat to watch as it reunites the gorgeous Marathi Mulgi Sonali Bendra and the ace choreographer Farah Khan. The song gives all of us a Mungda feel. Most often in the late 2000s, you would have heard this song being played at the DJs and Ganpati Visarjans. The music definitely deserves a worthy mention here.

Track 4: Mann Udhhan Varyache 

Singer: Shankar Mahadevan 

Lyrics: Guru Thakur 

One of my FAVORITE TRACKs in the album and otherwise too. Shankar Mahadevan is magical in this one. If you understand Marathi, you will find the lyrics so engaging and it will keep you wanting for more. The music is so soothing to the ears that you can feel romance in and out. I can listen to this song when I want to meditate, when I want to get in a good mood, when I want to feel love or simply when I want to listen to something good. Until you hear it, you may not understand the magic of this song. Such a delight

Track 5: Prabhat 

Singer: Ajay, Amey Date, Vijay Prakash, Yogita Godbole, Bela Sulakhe 

Lyrics: Srirang Godbole 

We’ve often seen medleys in Bollywood movies. This song Prabhat is a medley of 5 different songs. The song picturization is somewhat similar to what we’ve seen in Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan? From Dil Chahta Hai. The songs show us a progression from the black and white era to the modern era. The music, the singers and the lyrics of each song complements the concept.

This is a medley of 5 songs. The concept of the song is that of a progression from the black & white era to the modern one & is shot akin to Woh Ladki Hai Kahan? from Dil Chahta Hai. The music complements the concept. In particular, I like the 3rd song in the sequence…Mann majhe umloon gele, Sparsh tujha zhala? 

Every song in the album is so different from the other one that you can play a song according to your current mood 🙂 The music made me so proud of my Karmabhoomi and it’s artists. Listen it to believe it.

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