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Rashmi Rocket

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The grand blockbuster weekend is here and so are we to bring you the latest reviews in a jiffy. But before the review, it would be great if you can bookmark the site and spread the word which will help us a lot. And also thank you for the continued love throughout. With that I have just finished watching the new Taapsee Pannu starrer Rashmi Rocket on Zee5. The plight of the female athletes in India isn’t the best. Not only do they have to deal with their own personal issues but also with other external factors that would be a hindrance to their game. Take an example of Dutee Chand, a champion athlete who had made India proud at the International Arena. Yet in a humiliating turn of events she had failed the gender test which had caused a huge controversy. It is really sad to witness these events with media going bonkers especially when you don’t really have a control on the genetic side of things. And Rashmi Rocket deals with the similar subject, does it manage to impress, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Rashmi Rocket follows the story of Rashmi, a naturally gifted athlete who gets an opportunity to represent India until the tables turn on her. What follows is her strife for justice. The story is socially relevant and pretty interesting addition in the sports genre. Usually films under this genre deal with an underdog overcoming struggles to ultimately emerge a winner. But rarely you come across a film that actually focusses its attention on the struggles with the system. The screenplay here takes a while to catch up. The start is a bit slow as you are introduced to the main protagonist and her gifted talent. It isn’t bad by the way, it is just something that we may have already witnessed in other films from the genre – Small Town Underdog to finally making it Big. The ‘Running’ scenes are decently well executed and decently engaging too. The interesting bit starts post this when the protagonist is banned by the association on charges of failing the gender test. It is from this point that this Rocket takes off and doesn’t stop. The multiple court scenes are engaging although the treatment is surface level throughout. This culminates into a climax that is pretty good although predictable. Overall, a well written screenplay despite it being just on the surface.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are very well penned and leave an immediate impact. The music is decent but the BGM is a mixed bag and could have been better. It is enthralling in certain places but just doesn’t quite gel with the drama(especially in the courtroom scenes). Director Akarsh Khurana has yet again done a brilliant job tackling a sensitive subject in what turns out to be a story worth telling. His direction is top notch.


The performances are brilliant here. Shweta Tripathi manages to impress in a cameo as Maya Bhasin. Namita Dubey as Priyanka(you may have seen her in Aspirants) and Miloni Jhonsa have their moments to shine! Supriya Pathak as Bhanuben is outstanding and it is always a pleasure to watch her onscreen. Varun Badola as Dinesh Chopra is wonderfully restrained as the calculating association member. Mantra as Tejas delivers a very dignified performance. Supriya Pilgaonkar as the judge is such a natural onscreen, absolutely brilliant. Priyanshu Painyuli was the surprise package here. In the role of an army officer he definitely manages to deliver and does an excellent job as Major Gagan. Taapsee Pannu as Rashmi literally gives her blood and sweat to this role. She is absolutely fantastic here. This was indeed a bold role which may not have been easy even to agree upon. But she delivers yet another towering act. But it is Abhishek Banerjee as Eeshit who is probably the best actor on display. We all have witnessed his growth as an actor, but here he takes his performance a good two notches up with a stellar act. This could so easily have been a character that would be irritating, rather he plays it so well that he commands your attention throughout. It is with the introduction to his character that the movie gathers some pace as well. Outstanding is the word!


Rashmi Rocket is socially relevant and a winner all the way. Available on Zee5.

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