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Before we start with our review, we at popcornreviewss wish you Eid Mubarak though the year is a little gloomy and seems like it will continue to be so. But that one thing synonymous with Eid is Salman Khan’s release. This time he brings to us Radhe that has a theatrical release worldwide and released on Zeeplex on the Zee5 app. Right from the time its trailer was out, there were many memes making fun about the movie as is the case these days for all Salman Khan starrers. After much deliberation, I decided to take the plunge! And so I have just finished watching Radhe on Zeeplex and here is my unbiased review of it.

Story & Screenplay

An official remake of the South Korean film The Outlaws and taking the Wanted franchise ahead(though there is no connection between the earlier part and this one), Radhe follows the story of a cop who has been brought in to curb the inflow and spread of drugs in Mumbai where a dangerous druglord is running the show. Yes, the story has nothing new to offer and it is something that you do expect from Salman Khan and his movies. In other words, you exactly know what you are signing up for! So the screenplay had to be entertaining which wasn’t the case with his previous two releases – Race 3 and Dabangg 3. But, the good news is that the screenplay is fairly engaging and entertaining. Yes, again it has nothing new to offer but atleast you do not get bored. One of the reasons for this is that the movie is just 1hour 49 minutes long – something that you do not associate with Salman. What that translates to is that the screenplay is fast paced and doesn’t allow you time to think. Yes it is flawed with an unnecessary romantic track but it does not take itself seriously and that is refreshing to watch. The action sequences are designed well and keep you engaged. The last action scene though lacks the impact and could have been picturised better. But overall the screenplay is quite watchable although over the top in parts.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues will cater to the masses although repetitive(reusing older famous Salman Khan dialogues), people who want to find logic here will be put off by the dialogues too. The music is good and the Seetimaar song is a rage although the choreography throughout is bad, even Salman looked uncomfortable and there is no denying that it did not paint a pretty picture. I was thoroughly impressed by the BGM which was pulsating and heightened the drama. The VFX were very bad and deserved way more attention. Director Prabhudeva does a decent job here. I can’t say he has nailed it but he wasn’t totally off like on Dabangg 3 and Action Jackson.


Megha Akash impressed as Nikisha, Sudhanshu Pandey is alright as Dilawar. Pravin Tarde is excellent as Dagru. Gautam Gulati manages to leave a mark as Girkit. Jackie Shroff as Avinash is a little loud and him being the elder brother to Disha’s character didn’t make much sense(like our lead pairing that lacks chemistry majorly due to an age gap). Disha Patani ad Dia looks gorgeous and does a good job though her character has little to no impact to the main storyline. Salman Khan as Radhe finds some sort of form here rediscovering of his old self. In some scenes he is stiff but otherwise he has done what is expected of him though here I would say a revamp in terms of his choice of films is required. Pinning hopes on Tiger 3. The pick of the lot is Randeep Hooda as Rana. His suave personality and calm demeanor adds chills to his character and he is a worthy antagonist that would make this film worthwhile for many!


I have seen several posts about how bad Radhe is and several memes. All I want to say is, are these people even watching the movie or just writing reviews for the heck of it. Have they watched The Outlaws? They may not even be consistent in criticism if a similar concept was carried out in another industry other than Bollywood. While it is fine to criticise a piece of work, you cannot just do it by singling out one person. I am prepared to be roasted for this unbiased review of Radhe. But I will continue to voice my opinion on what I felt about the film. And we can always agree to disagree, Peace! Despite its flaws, Radhe is suprisingly entertaining and a decent one-time watch. If you want to dig deeper to find logic, there isn’t any, so why bother. Know your tastes before taking the plunge. Available on Zeeplex and later on Zee5(after a month). And just for the record, this is NOT a paid review!

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