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Premam 2015 Malayalam Movie Review


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In 2000, George David , a 16-year-old pre-degree student, is infatuated with Mary, the prettiest school girl in his area, a small region of Aluva, Kerala. George along with his friends Shambu and Koya, often follow Mary around in an attempt to talk to her but he is afraid of her father who beats up boys pestering his daughter. Mary is famous for her beauty, and is followed by other men too. Nonetheless, every time he gathers the courage to talk to her, something or the other comes up and George ends up disappointed. He is eventually heartbroken to know that Mary is in a relationship with another boy, also named George. She also asks his help to date safely without her family knowing. He helps her with a painful heart. The seriousness of life finally sinks in when George, Shambu, and Koya introspect about their academic future after a dismal performance in their year-end examination.

Five years later, in 2005, George and his friends enroll in college. One day, while on a ragging streak, George and his friends meet Malar, a new lecturer in their college, who happens to have a Tamil background. George instantly falls for her and seemingly gets her to feel the same about him. He is also impressed by her dancing talents as she performs an outstanding dance with his team. Convinced about their love for each other, he extends their relationship and contemplates marriage. Simultaneously, George’s college teacher, Vimal Sir also falls for her and tries to woo her with the help of his friend, a PT teacher, Shivan sir. Later that year, Malar goes to visit her family in Kodaikanal, accompanied by her cousin, Arivazhagan. who by tradition is supposed to be her would be. Weeks later, it is announced in the college that Malar met with an accident and consequently had left her job as the lecture. George and his friends immediately ride to Kodaikanal to see Malar. It turned out Malar lost part of her memory due to the injuries suffered in the accident. She fails to recognize George and is not able to recall her relationship with him. Subsequently, Malar marries her cousin, Arivazhagan and George attends her wedding reception with his friends.

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