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And we made it! New Weekend, New Releases, New Reviews you know the drill. So first up I have finished watching Potluck on SonyLiv. I still remember the pre Covid days, when we used to have family gatherings. Those were the most fun and satisfying gathering as I got to spend time with my lovely cousins. The banter, the talk and basically the moments that we had created was just awesome. There would be lunches and hangouts together with cruelly has now been stalled due to the pandemic. And quite honestly I do miss those days. The new series Potluck deals with a similar theme. When was the last time you got to watch a film or series about family gatherings that stays true to its theme. That said, does this Potluck manage to tingle your taste buds or is it just too bland, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Potluck follows the story of a family that has a potluck(where everyone has to cook their own dish in a get together) every week. And that is it. The story has a simple premise yet there are several heartwarming moments to keep you invested. The screenplay almost unfolds like a sit-com. Standing at 8 episodes of 22 to 25 minutes each, the screenplay basically tries to create several moments of the family having a get together while each of the family members are vulnerable to their own set of problems. This is your typical slice of life kinda genre where you just stay in the moment without worrying too much about what happens next. And this is a pleasant shift from the mystery and thriller genre which demands you to wrack your brains and be in your toes throughout. This is more of a leisurely viewing, more of the one that you need to sooth yourself after a long day. One minor criticism that I had in the screenplay was that although the initial part of the screenplay flows without any form or structure which is fine, probably a bit of form was indeed required. The conflicts are subtle and not once over dramatic that culminates into a heartwarming happy ending. It is the stuff the families revel in, to stay together, eat together and enjoy life together all under one roof. In other words, the screenplay is breezy and light with a dash of humour that will put a smile on your face.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are subtle with a few funny conjectures that are thrown in. The ones with urdu will leave you in splits. I really enjoyed the soundtrack here, I really felt it was beautifully composed and went really well with the drama. The BGM compliments the drama as well. The production value is quite good and you will just enjoy the decor that just adds a fresh vibe to the drama. Director Rajshree Ojha has done a pretty good job. We all crave your family dramas that are not melodramatic and instead relatable. And she ticks most boxes here which means a job well done.


The performances are nicely nuanced here. Siddhant Karnick is earnest in a cameo as Aalim, a very likable character. Kitu Gidwani as Pramila Shastri does a fabulous job, this is a character that might seem relatable to many. Jatin Sial as Govind Shastri is absolutely hilarious in comic scenes and also wonderful in emotional scenes, the silence which he brings to the latter is refreshing to watch. Saloni Khanna as Nidhi has looked at ease here in a character that could potentially grow on you. Harman Sigha as Dhruv is a very likable character and he has a lovely personality to do full justice to it. Ira Dubey as Akanksha is wonderfully restrained here. This was a character that she could have gone overboard with it, but the restraint that she brings makes it a wonderfully organic character that seems real. Cyrus Sahukar as Vikrant is refreshing in a role which is not a comic one. There are certain serious moments where his acting really comes across well and he does a fine job with it. Shikha Talsania as Prerna is adorable here. She has a good presence onscreen and is just so natural that you can’t stop raving about her, a far cry from her role in Coolie No.1. And you can almost feel the vibe from the bunch who have a good time together while the cameras might be filming them which translates so well onscreen.


Potluck is sweet, sour and very tasty, a much needed get together during the times of the pandemic that will leave a smile on your face. Watch it with your family! Available on SonyLiv.

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