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Pitta kathalu

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After the stupendous success of Paava Kadaigal, Netflix in association has come up with another anthology movie, this time in telugu. I find that anthology has a genre is underrated and some of the finest gems van be found in such films. And with that I have just finished watching Pitta Kathalu. Is it worth your time, stay tuned in our very own template reserved specially for anthology films.

Ramula :

A Story of a girl madly in love with an uncommital boy, and a politician and how their lives intersect. This is easily the best film out of the four. What amazed me was that there were parallel stories on display here and how they seamlessly intersect ending in a shocking finale. Also a multi genre film, and to crack it successfully means the writing was on point. Director Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam has done a terrific job in pulling off one of the most complex screenplays that I have seen in an anthology. Lakshmi Manchu, Meghna Saanve and in particular Abhay Bethiganti are standout performers here. This one is to savour and cherish.

Ramula Rating: 4/5

Meera :

A story of a husband who thinks his wife is cheating on him. What is the truth? Another story that manages to hold its own! The screenplay is engaging from the word go so much so that you start empathizing with the wife. After several twists and turns, this one leads to a finale that you almost see it coming but don’t really mind it. Director Nandini Reddy has done an outstanding job here. Jagapathi Babu is truely intimidating here. Amala Paul looks stunning and has done a fabulous job.

Meera Rating: 3.5/5

xLife :

A story of a young founder of a virtual reality company who is accussed of destroying love, up until he falls in love too. Will love be saved? Out of the 4 stories, this one was the best of the lot. Not only was the story fresh but it promised to be relevant too. But it was the execution that missed the mark here. The screenplay after showing promise initially just gets a little muddled in the middle before falling on track towards the backend. I wish it had a little more clarity, because the concept was brilliant. Director Nag Ashwin does a fair job but his direction was definitely rough around the edges. Sangeeth Shobhan impresses here, the boy has a lot of potential to make it big. Shruti Haasan has also done a fine job here.

xLife Rating: 3/5

Pinky :

This was one the weakest of the lot for me. A story of a messy extramarital affair and the things that follow. The story had the potential to explore the dynamics of a toxic relationship. But it is the writing that lets it down with just about surface level treatment. The screenplay motors along the same trajectory but I was disappointed with the ending too. It could have been a lot better. Director Sankalp Reddy has done a good job here(the direction is good trying to salvage some below par writing). The performances also save the day. Eesha Rebba is outstanding, Ashima Narwal looks so pretty and has done a fine job. Srinivas Avasarala is decent, the pick of the lot is Satyadev who gives a layered performance of a man torn between his wife and his ex flame.

Pinky Rating: 3/5

Pitta Kathalu is another step in the right direction of the anthology genre. It may not be as good as Paava Kadhaigal, but this one still manages to impress. Available on Netflix.

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