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If you are reading this, we are at another Friday having survived another week and are hail and hearty. And with the Friday and a weekend comes its share of new releases and lets get to them one by one. So first up is the Marathi film, Photo Prem on Amazon Prime and I have just finished watching it. I went into the movie blind, not knowing what to expect, is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Photo Prem is the story of an elderly woman who realises she does not have a good picture of her which could be used after her death as a remembrance. The story is light hearted with several heartfelt and hilarious moments throughout. The screenplay is decently well written. It revolves around its central concept effectively in most parts. Yet, certain sequences in the middle that do get repetitive that force you to think that the writers have spread their story thin and they are fast running out of it. But in the very next moment there are certain plot points that take the film forward. The last sequence is very well portrayed and that very last dialogue will ensure that you end the movie with a smile.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quirky and some of the one liners are very well written particularly the final dialogue right at the end. The music and BGM blend well with the drama. The direction is handled by Aditya Rathi and Gayatri Patil and they have done a good job in keeping things light and not once melodramatic.


The film boasts of some charming performances. Sameer Dharmadhikari shines in a cameo. Vaishnevi as Teju and Chaitrali Rode as Shantabai are both excellent. But the main story revolves around Maee essayed by Neena Kulkarni and she has done a brilliant job. She has caught the pulse of the character and she then plays with it through her characteristics and gestures. It was a memorable outing for her in what was a towering performance.


Photo Prem is a bittersweet yet hilarious story that will definitely leave a smile on your face. Available on Amazon Prime.

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