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Ok, Peranbu was in my watchlist since such a long time. With new releases out and visiting a few other movies, this one kept getting pushed to the back burner. Finally, I have been able to watch this Malayalam flick starring Mammootty. Is it worth your time, lets find out. 

Peranbu is the story of a father who tries to raise his differentially abled daughter especially after she hits puberty. The story is heart warming and bold at the same time. The screenplay is so well written that from the very first opening scene you are completely immersed and invested in the drama. While the first half deals with the father-daughter duo staying in an isolated place away from the noise of the city, the proceedings in the second half shift in the heart of the city. And this totally provides a contrasting picture and effectively so. Also, the screenplay is divided into chapters with each chapter acting as a metaphor for nature. So well done! The dialogues are minimal yet very effective. The music blends well with the drama. Director Ram has really done an outstanding job here dealing with a sensitive subject. His direction comes out with flying colours. 

Anjali as Vijayalakshmi has some great screen presence. The other Anjali- Anjali Ameer who plays the role of a transgender, Meera, is so convincing and a character that is judged by people around her yet she has a heart of gold. So well portrayed. Sadhana as Paapa, the little girl who has cerebral palsy is absolutely fantastic and such a natural. Her acting will make you sympathetic yet you will absolutely be blown by her finesse. Mammootty as the doting father of Paapa is the soul of the film. After a long time, I have witnessed a superstar turn an actor. And that is the biggest compliment that can ever be given. 

Peranbu is a masterpiece, no two ways about it. Not sure why I didn’t get to it earlier. Better late than never! Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Highly Recommended! You just cannot miss this one!

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