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Pavitra Rishta 2021 Romantic Hindi Series Review

Pavitra Rishta 2.0


Pavitra Rishta is a remake of old season which featured Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande as leads. This season the role of Manav is played by Shaheer Sheikh and Archana by Ankita Lokhande again. This time it’s produces as a web series whose first season is released on 15th September 2021. Well we all know what Sushant meant to us as Manav, but definitely this season will bring all happy and golden old memories.

Story and Screenplay

Pavitra Rishta is a romantic family drama which resolves around Manav and Archana who are from typical middle class families. The story begins when Manav see Archana struggling in rain and helps her with umbrella, but she didn’t notice the man. Fortunately, they used to work in the same street on the opposite sides of the road. Archana works in a coffee shop and Manav is a mechanic. The fate brings them together. Archana’s mother is curious to find a perfect groom for her daughter, where Manav’s mother want some one rich for her son. Manav and Archana get married after Archana’s first engagement broke. Later Archana’s mother learned that Manav’s mother lied to their family about his profession and so breaks her wedding with Manav. Archana’s mother continues to search a perfect man for her daughter, meanwhile Archana and Manav were coming close despite of whole wedding drama. For the love of their family, will Archana and Manav part their ways or will come close again?? Will they forget each other forever?? What will happen next, you have to watch it.

Dialogues, music and direction

The dialogues are emotional and heart touching which are beautifully delivered by Shaheer and Ankita. The title track and BGM is old and same but revisited in voice of Palak Muchhal, giving all chills of those old good times. Since this project was quite challenging for the makers, but they still made it look pleasing and admirable.


Ankita Lokhande as Archana is still the same and yet again gave her best performance, whereas Shaheer Sheikh took the limelight this time. First of all it was his biggest step in his whole career to recreate that same image as Sushant in role of Manav. But he filled that void again with his amazing, charming and outstanding performance. Well no one could have looked perfect for this role. It was the best choice by the makers to cast Shaheer as Manav. Rest of the cast was also brilliant in their parts.


It’s a beautiful love story which is emotional, doting, piquant, gripping and engrossing. Will make you fall in love with Manav and Archana again after 7 years. This is definitely a heartwarming tribute to “Sushant Singh Rajput”. But viewing to the other side of the show there was nothing new in the story telling which might make you a little doleful.

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Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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