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Palm Springs

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Ok, first the bad news. The weekend is coming to an end and India have now been officially knocked out of the T20 World Cup. But it is a game after all and there is always a next time. So while India’s chances were sinking, I decided to finish a film from my watchlist this weekend. And with that I finished watching the English film Palm Springs on Netflix. Was the experiment worth it, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Palm Springs follows the story of a man and a woman who are stuck in a time loop only to fall in love while reliving their day over and over again. The story is experimental with a hint of sci-fi which makes it a pleasant viewing experience. The screenplay is water-tight and wastes no time in getting to the point. You can make that out from the fact that the film is just 90 minutes long. Also at the heart of it, this is a romantic comedy and so the romance quotient is quite prevalent from the die-hard romantics. And if you are wondering if the sci-fi portion is on level with a Nolan film where you may end up scratching your heads, then you are wrong. The sci-fi portion is sleander and the concept can be understood even by a child. The screenplay is extremely breezy and light-hearted and never too intense which is definitely a positive culminating into an end which is quite satisfying too. The writers had a risk of getting repetitive but they were able to tackle that extremely well. The situations that were created are pretty interesting and subtle so much so that it will keep you invested throughout. Overall a fun screenplay which is experimental but well worth your time.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are adequate and they do the job at the end of the day. The BGM is pretty good and blends well with the drama. The cinematography here was pretty good and it did enhance my viewing experience. Director Max Barbakow has done a swell job here. Not only does he simplify the sci-fi portions but also maintains the core ingredient of a rom-com which is romance and comedy throughout. A job well done!


The performances are pretty good. J.K. Simmons as Roy is absolutely brilliant and thete are atleast a couple of scenes featuring him that will make you chuckle. Christin Milioti as Sarah looks very pretty and has a charming screen presence. She is excellent here in almost every scene where she commands your attention. Andy Samberg as Nyles also is terrific and he is the glue that holds the film together. His comic timing is pretty interesting and he shines in some of the emotional scenes too. Overall, a good day in the office!


Palm Springs is a nice little experiment that will keep you engaged throughout. Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended.


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