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Much has been said and written about it. Right from the time of its making to the present time, this movie has made the headlines. While I wont tread the path of the controversy in my review, what I am interested in is its merits. Does it live up to the humongous expectations….lets find out.

Padmaavat is based on the poem ‘Padmavat’, written by Malik Muhammad Jayasi on the life of Padmavati, a warrior princess who falls in love with a Rajput king. Trouble starts with Alahuddin Khilji vies for her. The story is actually a one line saga but the makers do well to add minute details to piece together an almost 3 hour film. The screenplay is slow in the first half but crucial as it builds up the tempo for the eventual second half with the climax literally giving you goose bumps. The dialogues are crisp. The music is good with the outstandingly picturised ‘Ghoomar’ song standing out. A special mention of the cinematography and the sets which are absolutely top class. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has always been a masterful storyteller and Padmaavat is no different. His vision and the amount of detailing that he has put in each and every scene is praiseworthy. Full marks here.

Shahid Kapoor as Maharaval Ratan Singh, the Rajput king has done a marvelous job and manages to hold his own. The Gorgeous Deepika Padukone has looked even more pretty as Rani Padmavati and has done a good job(especially in the second half after her disappearing act in the first) though her screen time is limited. But it is the Beast, Ranveer Singh who deserves a standing ovation for his performance as the monstrous Alahuddin Khilji. He lives his character to such an extent that you start to hate him but can’t keep your eyes of his staggering act. All other performances are on point.

Overall, Padmaavat is a magnum opus of the highest order. As for the controversy, this movie does not delusion the Rajput legacy but only enhances it. The pride that grips you while watching a Rajput character fight on despite his head being chopped off, is goose bumps worthy.

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