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Out of Love (Season 2)

3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


It is another friday and we live to fight another weekend and watch some great content. This weekend is huge with so many new releases, so stick around for the latest reviews. And with that I have just finished watching season 2 of the series Out Of Love on Hotstar. While season 1 was quite thrilling, the announcement of the second season made me look forward to the show. But the trick that Hotstar missed this time was to release all episodes together. Instead they began releasing one episode over the course of three weeks. Now, this strategy works only when you have a very long season. It doesn’t work when you just have 5 episodes to show. It kills the momentum of the seasons. This was probably done keeping the IPL in mind which as luck would have it was suspended due to the pandemic. So either way I have finished watching it, is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The second season of Out Of Love takes off three years after the first season had ended where Meera’s ex husband Akarsh releases to the hilly area of Coonoor. The story is yet again good but this time the thrill is a bit missing as compared to season 1. Instead the story is a drama and focusses on the dynamics that the protagonists share with their families. The screenplay is a slow burner that takes time to build. Infact the leisurely pace is maintained throughout, that definitely compliments the setting of the drama. The screenplay is also an eye opener for many parents undergoing separation as it would definitely takes its toll on the children, and that is beautifully shown here. I cannot pinpoint any particular flaw except that the second season lacks any shock value and moves on a predictable line unlike the first season which paced itself like a thriller culminating into a nail biting end. Here, the ending is more heartfelt. So in other words, the screenplay is pretty well written albeit any thrill.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational devoid of any melodrama which was refreshing to witness. The music goes well with the drama, so does the BGM. A special mention of the cinematography that beautifully captures the hills of Coonoor. Director Onir Sen who had directed The outstanding series Asur, is in top form here. He doesn’t rush things, instead he lets it simmer in the cold hills of Coonoor. So the element of revenge is subtle and more realistic. His direction is top notch.


Disha Thakur as Shalini shines in a small cameo. Himanshi Choudhary as Ritu is first rate. Eisha Chopra impresses as Payal too. Vishwas Kini as Rohan is the new addition to season 2 and he definitely leaves a mark here. Meenakshi Chaudhary as Alia is pleasing to the eye and she displays her acting chops pretty well. Sanghamitra Hitaishi as Mandira is wonderfully restrained. Kabir Kachroo as Abhi does a fabulous job internalising his character pretty well. Purab Kohli is a highly underrated actor and here as Akarsh he is outstanding. He displays so many emotions that will anger you but you would also feel sorry for him and empathise with him. Rasika Dugal as Dr. Meera is the star of the show. She has a very complex and conflicted character and she lives every beat of it. In certain scenes she lets her eyes do bulk of the talking and lets silence take over. This is a little acting masterclass right there!


The Second Season of Out Of Love is a nicely textured drama which is thought provoking. Available on Hotstar.

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