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Out Of Love Season 1 2019 Hindi Web Series Review

Out of LOVE (Season 1)

3.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Meera and Akarsh have been happily married until one day Meera finds a hair on Akarsh’s scarf. Meera becomes obsessed with finding out who Akarsh’s mistress is. She finally confides in a friend who asks her to behave normally around Akarsh but continue digging for evidence. The show traces how Meera discovers Akarsh’s lies, his affair with a much younger woman Alia and how she navigates her marriage. She seduces their neighbour who is also their CA and finds out that he has even mortgaged their house and they can soon be bankrupt. Later, at a dinner, she informs Alia’s family and after a violent confrontation Akarsh and Alia leave for Delhi to start a new life leaving Meera and her son behind.

Meera(Rasika) begins to suspect every female associate of Akarsh(Purab), her husband after she found a stray hair which is not hers. After discussing with her friend, she thought she might be over reactive but does not stop digging up for finding the evidence.

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