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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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We are a day away from the weekend but I thought of slipping in the review of a Malayalam film before that! By now you would know that I also rely on a few of my lovely subscribers of My Youtube Channel Popcorn Reviewss(please subscribe!) To recommend me a few films to watch and review(on the site and on youtube). So one of my subscribers Chacko had recommended a Malayalam film Oruthee which is currently streaming on Manorama Max. This was one such Malayalam film which I had no clue about and as per Chacko this was based on a true incident which had happened in Ernakulam. Knowing that it was a Malayalam film was enough for me to have a go at it. So then does Oruthee manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Loosely based on true events, Oruthee follows the story of a women who has to deal with many hardships while trying to arrange funds after her daughter has been hospitalized. The story is hard-hitting but also fast paced and almost packaged as a mass entertainer although grounded to reality. The screenplay standing at just under 2 hours means that the drama is fast paced and switches from one event to another very quickly.

The screenplay opens with the introduction of an honest cop who is tied down by the system. Cut to the introduction of the protagonist and her family until the conflict is unassumingly introduced. This is the beauty of the screenplays from Malayalam cinema that do not really have a buildup before introducing a conflict much like real life. This is what makes the drama grounded. And from this moment, the pace of the drama picks up as the protagonist has to undergo a mad hussle to get the money including dealing with the authorities and a somewhat nagging husband.

The entire sequence of the protagonist discovering about her “faulty” gold chain to searching for the relevant bills only to be conned at the jewelry shop makes for an enthralling watch. The drama will definitely anger you and make you question the situation what is a capitalist era. In between, the mild political statement which are conveyed through news on the television is meticulously integrated in the drama which is a key element and a catalyst in the film. But unlike some of the other Malayalam films like Nayattu and Pada, this one does have some redemption(this being a true story too).

As they say, the powers of a democracy can never be questioned and so help could come in any shape or form. This was heartening to see again as there is yet again a twist in the screenplay. The “punch up” technique was nicely utilized here. Also, there was an almost 15-17 minute chase which definitely did give me an adrenaline rush and was exciting to witness. However, the one drawback as per me was the ending which seemed too simple. One could argue that this was a true story but the onus is always on the writer to make things interesting. But overall, the screenplay is absolutely fire despite not being completely layered!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are powerful and really well written. The music is good and the use of mythological references through the music was refreshing to watch. The BGM was scintillating and constantly keeps the adrenaline rushing. The cinematography is pretty decent as well. Director VK Prakash does a swell job in managing to hold the attention of the audience throughout and also keeping them on their toes. The drama which was created was fast paced and it also asked the right kind of questions like the very last scene! The direction is stupendous.


The performances are excellent here. Malavika Menen and Drishya Dinesh have their moments to shine. Saiju Kurup is really good as the husband and he makes his presence felt! Vinayakan as SI Antony is absolutely brilliant. In a no nonsense role of an honest cop, he was a breath of fresh air who added a lot of energy to the drama. Navya Nair who was returning to films after a hiatus of almost a decade is the life of the film as Radhamani. She is able to emote so well that you can’t help but root for her throughout. She scores particularly in vulnerable moments and moments where she has to hold her nerve even when others in her family have started to panic. At times you almost feel for her in a drama which seemed too far fetched to be true(but it was!) and she deserves distinction marks for a powerful performance!


Oruthee is a hard hitting and fast paced drama which is absolutely pulsating. Available on Manorama Max.

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