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Operation Java

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Well finally better sense has prevailed! And I have just finished watching the Malayalam flick Operation Java on Zee5, a movie that I should have finished watching and reviewing over the weekend. But a brain fade from Zee5 which released the film without subtitles. Can you believe it! If there are any Zee5 officials reading this, please do not repeat this mistake again. I can understand a movie not having subtitles if it is free to view, but for a premium subscriber this is just not done. Anyway, common sense prevailed(after a social media uproar) and here I am with the review. So is the much hyped Operation Java worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Operation Java follows the story of two BTech rookies who are appointed on a temporary basis in the Cyber Cell Department of Kerala. And during their course they are given three cases to solve. Will they be able to solve them? The story is fast paced and super thrilling. The screenplay is equally fast paced and almost 2.5 hours pass like a breeze. The best part about the screenplay is that there is absolutely no buildup. It gives a glimpse on how Cyber Cell investigates their cases right from the very first minute. The first case begins almost instantly and the proceedings are so fast paced that it will leave you gasping for breathe. And there is very little respite! The break neck pace continues right until the very end where you get to witness two more cases that will absolutely keep you hooked and booked. The cameraderie between all the characters is the highlight, it gives an impression as if they are friends in real life too. If I have to put a microscope on the elements that did not work or rather were a compromise for the fast paced screenplay was the character depth. You get to see very little glimpses of what the leads are outside the cyber crime world. But full marks to the outstanding screenplay that will keep you on your toes throughout.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are routine but they leave a lasting impact. The BGM is absolutely top notch and will keep your pulse racing, especially in thrilling moments where you as an audience are sucked into the investigation. Director Tharun Moorthy has done a terrific job here. How often do we see fast paced thrillers just derailing in the middle or the end. But here, the director is in full control of the proceedings and sees the thriller through brilliantly right until the end credits roll.


The performances are excellent. Vinitha Koshy as Shruthi, Dhanya Ananya(in a wee bit role) and Parvathy impress in their cameos. Shine Tom Chacko as Jacob Mani is totally convincing as the cop. Mamitha Baiju as Alphonsa looks pretty and is such a natural onscreen. Binu Pappu as Joy is such a heartening character brilliantly portrayed showcasing the human side of the cops. Prasanth Alexander as Basheer, the slightly arrogant cop, is outstanding. So is Irshad Ali as Prathapan who is earnest. Lukman Avaran as Vinay Dasan is absolutely brilliant. He showcases the subtle innocence of his character so well. Balu Varghese as Antony is such a complex character will so many shades and he nails so many of his shades. He is simply outstanding and he shares crackling chemistry with the character of Vinay.


Operation Java is an extremely fast paced thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you gasping for breathe. What are the superpowers of the Malayalam Industry, this is yet another winner. Available on Zee5 and Highly Recommended.

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