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One day at a Time 2017 English Comedy Series Review

One Day At A Time

Sneha Bhat
5 Star popcorn reviewss

Mysteries, k dramas, science fictions, crime documentaries all are great. But deep deep deep down, I still love and enjoy a good Sit-Com. The best part about sitcoms is, you really dont need to give them your undivided attention. You can randomly watch any episode and it will still make you laugh. It is perfect for those days when you cant make up your mind on what to watch whilst having a plate full of food.

One Day at a time is one such feel good sitcom. I would say it is one of the hidden gems on Netflix. It is based on a cuban family living in the USA. Main characters are the single mother Penelope, her two children, her very cuban mother and the friendly landlord Schneider. Each episode is about the happenings of their lives and at the same time tackles important issues like PTSD, homophobia, gender equality, racism etc. 

What I found especially good about the series for that each of the main characters have their flaws. And during the tenure if the series they come to face it and improve themselves. 

Penelope is struggling with PTSD being an army veteran, which raises an important issue of how it is absolutely fine to take psychiatric even by the most brave and looked upto people. Penelope’s daughter is a lesbian and a crusader of gender equality. It is refreshing to see her sans any stereotypes. The grandmother played by Rita Moreno is the bomb. She has literally given a curtain call performance ( you have to really watch the show to understand this).

I loved this show right from the first episode and would urge everyone to watch it. You laugh a little, cry some and learn a lot of Cuba and Cuban culture. It’s a win win.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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