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One Cut Two Cut

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So this is the second Danish Sait starrer which I will be reviewing in a month. After the Kannada series Humble Politician Nograj which for me was one of the smartest satires, Danish Sait has come up with another Kannada film One Cut Two Cut on Amazon Prime. One intriguing bit about the film for me was the poster featuring Danish Sait in a moustache that resembles the one on Adolf Hitler. And with much anticipation I decided to give this film a go. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

One Cut Two Cut follows the story of a hostage situation at a school. And I will be revealing only this much of the plot as anything else which I reveal would be a spoiler(although that may not completely deter your movie watching experience). The story is yet another smartly penned satire packaged in a whimsical and frivolous drama. The screenplay at just under 90 minutes is taut and fast paced. The writing wastes no time in introducing characters and almost promptly begins with the main story. Each sequence is filled with humour which is quirky and will definitely make you chuckle. Here I would like to mention that if you are well versed with atleast a few of the issues prevalent in our society today then you will enjoy it more. I must also say that the writing is not as sharp as the one in Humble Politician Nograj. Maybe it had to do with the limited screentime here but some parts of the humour seemed crammed up. There are many meta references including the ones on Amitabh Bachchan and Money Heist which are a treat! The clever bit here is that the humour seems brainless but if you look closely it is overtly smart and relevant. The ending is decent too although I would have preferred a little more spice and sharpness to it. A minor drawback in the screenplay is that certain sequences seem disjointed and not seamless as they move from one event to another. But overall, quite an enjoyable screenplay with some smart writing!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quirky and cleverly penned. The BGM is decent although nothing much to shout about. The colour graphing is quite good with the use of some bright colours which does give the film a fresh vibe. Director Vamsidhar Bhogaraju has done quite a good job at trying to explore the intelligence of the audience. Again the gags might seem silly but they are smarter than what they are perceived to be and the direction deserves brownie points for retaining some of the madness.


The performances are quite good. Apoorva Amaresh as the CM’s daughter is hilarious in a cameo. Vamsidhar Bhogaraju also doubles up well in the acting department as the sleeper agent head. His antics are hilarious! Soundarya Nagaraj as Komala is pretty good as the reporter whose hands are tied. Roopa Rayappa as Neha is confident and lands some of the gags pretty well. Vineeth Kumar as the standup comic is excellent. Prakash Belawadi as Pruthviraj is sure to tickle your funny bone and his Amitabh Bachchan references are hilarious. Samyuktha Hornad as Nagaveni is first rate and she cracked me up in the final scene. It is Danish Sait as Gopi who yet again shines in a hilarious role. He is able to extract humour at some unexpected places and he definitely shines throughout the film!


One Cut Two Cut is another smartly written satire packaged as a whimsical and frivolous comedy. This one is pretty good! Available on Amazon Prime.

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