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Onto the last new release of the weekend but before that head to our new section Popcorn Features for carefully curated movies and series from our featured writers. 2nd May’21 marks the results of a few state elections in India. And so there could not have been any better timing than watching and reviewing a solid Malayalam political drama starting Mammootty named One. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

One follows the story of the Chief Minister of Kerala wishing to pass a new Bill ‘Right to Recall’ which gives the public the right to veto their elected candidate if his performance during his tenure is not satisfactory. The story is an eye opener though this may take ages for it to be implemented seeing the current political environment. The screenplay is as powerful as the story. It is paced just right and gives us a glimpse of what a good leader can achieve if he is willing to actually serve the people. It also throws light on the subtle meaning of democracy and what it actually stands for. The screenplay comprises of many sub plots that could potentially deserve their own spin off and most of them manage to land well barring one featuring the Chief Minister’s partial amnesia which seemed a little half baked and did not have any significant impact on the over scheme of things. But the climax is powerful and impactful. And so overall the screenplay is heartening and very well penned.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are really very powerful and will move you. The music is good and the BGM is outstanding. Director Santosh Vishwanath has done a tremendous job. He doesn’t let the writing flounder and there is a clear approach in his direction.


The performances are all excellent. Nimisha Sajayan shines in a cameo as Lathika. Gayathri Arun as Seena makes an impact instantly. Sreeja Das as Selin also makes her presence felt. Mathew Thomas as Sanal is so effective, he uses his body language extremely well. I was really impressed by him. Salim Kumar as Dasappan is pretty good. Murali Gopi as Jayanandan has done a good job. Joju George as Baby is earnest. Mammootty as Chandran the Chief Minister is simply exceptional. Right from his demeanor to his mannerisms there is a likable quality associated with him and he delivers a towering act.


One is an unapologetic and idealistic political drama that deserves to be watched. Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended.

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