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After Vicky Donor and the excellent Piku, Director Shoojit Sircar and writer Juhi Chaturvedi collaborate for a ‘love like’ film October. What was interesting was they pulled in Varun Dhawan who is known for his over-the-top antics in many films. The trailer didn’t give the audience an inch to the story which definitely did raise curiosity. Is the movie as fresh as the flowers blooming in October…lets find out.

October follows the story of……nope, probably for the first time I am not revealing the story. Story is quite thin but it is effective! The leisurely screenplay forces you to feel every emotion. If you don’t immerse yourself in the narrative, you will find it largely pointless. But if you do, then you will be rewarded. Dialogues lighten the mood in an otherwise agonizingly gloomy drama. A special mention of the cinematography which is breath-taking. Director Shoojit Sircar expertly blends the drama with loads of subtle emotions which slowly pile up and stay with you long after the movie ends.

Bandita Sandhu has made an impressive debut here as Shiuli. Though she has minimal dialogues at her disposal, she begins to emote effectively through her eyes and does a fine job. Gitanjali Rao as her mother is first rate. Varun Dhawan too is wonderfully restrained in his character of Dan.

October, devoid of any songs in its narrative, requires patience to sit through it. It needs to be felt. Felt for the minute emotions. Felt for its characters. This movie treads on a path which has not been visited by any Bollywood movie so far. If you are a fan of slow dramas, you will enjoy it. Else this will be a tedious snooze fest.

PS : I watched this movie yesterday and am still thinking about it. At the end of the movie, I felt quite empty and drained emotionally. I seem to have lost a piece of me!

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