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November Story

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After a lazy Sunday where I decided to go a little slow, I am back with a review of the new webseries November Story on Hotstar. This is a Tamil series though I have watched the Hindi Dub. As far as the movies are concerned, the South Indian Film Industry(Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam) are far ahead of the other industries including Bollywood. But as far as the webseries is concerned, they are lagging to an extent. Somehow they are unable to translate their movies success into the webseries space. When I heard of this webshow, I was only mildly excited in watching it. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

November Story follows the story of a young woman trying to prove the innocence of her father suffering from Amnesia, when he is found at a crime scene and is a prime suspect for murder. What is the truth? The story has enough elements to keep you engaged. The screenplay is an interesting case. It starts on a very slow and uninteresting note, where you just go through the motion. Some of you may even switch the series off as you try and make sense of what is going on. I was about to abort my plan of watching too but it was my friend Harsh who encouraged me to continue. The next episode was mildly interesting but post that the writing really takes off as you are glued to the drama. While this is also a whodunnit, if you watch closely you will be able to guess the killer in the third episode itself. But the journey is important here and more importantly the motive too. There are several twists and turns before you can crack this case. The drama is very interesting right until the end which I found to be a little stretched. But nevertheless the writing is sharp for most parts.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are well penned and will keep you engrossed throughout. The BGM does heighten the drama and adds a layer of intrigue. Director Indhra Subramaniam has done a pretty good job here. His direction is sharp and keeps you engaged. Also the way he connects the dots is quite skillful to witness.


Janaki Suresh is excellent as Savithri. Pujitha Devaraju as Neeta shines in a cameo. Nandhini Myna as Chithra is top notch. Aruldass as Sudalai is pretty good. Vivek Prasanna as Malar adds some comic relief and does a good job with it. Namitha Krishnamurthy as Mathi is brilliant. Her act is right up there with everyone. G M Kumar as Ganesan is a character that will leave you intrigued and is brilliantly portrayed too. Pasupathy as Yesu is a very complex character and he for me is the pick of the actors. Tamannaah as Anuradha looks gorgeous and has done a pretty good job too.


It might have begun slowly but November Story is a thriller that will keep you engaged throughout. Available on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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