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Notting Hill

Sana Patel
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


If you love the Romcom genre, you have probably seen this and if not you are in for a treat. Films like these are what fantasies are made of. The story is very honest and endearing. It has the perfect balance of romance and comedy. Both Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts are swoon worthy in this one. It also has a perfect ending that will melt your heart and bring a big smile on your face.

I truly believe that the 90s was the best time for Hollywood. It gave us the most number of classic films and established many actors to stardom like never before. This was also the time when Hollywood was at its peak and their films received huge jump in the global market. The films produced back than are still relevant and watchable even after almost 3 decades. Notting hill is one such classic romcom that I love revisiting every now and then.


The story revolves around a famous Hollywood actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) and William Thacker (Hugh Grant) a travel book store owner in Notting Hill. Anna buys a book from William’s store and the very same day they bump into each other again in unlikely circumstances. William invites Anna over to get cleaned up as he by mistakenly spills orange juice on her. 

While leaving from his house after getting cleaned up on impulse she kisses William and asks him to visit at her Hotel the next day and leaves. William who is a divorcee and leads a very boring and mundane life cannot believe that Anna Scott the very popular and most loved star from America walked into his store earlier and kissed him all within a span of 24 hours. 

He visits Anna’s hotel but is misunderstood for a magazine reporter. Due to professional commitment Anna cannot spend time with him and William invites her to his sister’s birthday party to which she agrees. Both of them have the best time and again decide to go on a date.

After their second date Anna’s movie star boyfriend appears at the hotel to surprise her and that breaks William’s heart. He feels betrayed and decides to move on. Anna also returns to America and gets busy with her life. 

William is unable to get Anna out of his head. It’s the first time for him after years that he has felt the spark for someone even though he has went on numerous dates after Anna, but nothing compares to what he felt for Anna. Anna once again comes back in his life, however a misunderstanding drifts them apart. William realizes that he is a common man and dating an actress and making it work is not his cup of tea. He desires for a simple and quite life. 

What happens when a common man falls in love with Hollywood star forms the crux of the story.

The casting of this film has worked very well in the favor of the film. It is the highest grossing British film. It also received the Golden Globe awards and BAFTA nominations. The film is is available on Netflix.

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