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Njan Prakashan

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If you were to ask me who is your favourite actor doing the rounds currently then my vote would be Fahadh Faasil in a heartbeat. With the OTT coming into the picture, it has given people like me an opportunity to discover and witness such talented artists and Fahadh absolutely tops that list. Written off initially for his inability to act and emote, he staged one of the best comebacks ever and he hasn’t looked back since. And to celebrate his talent, I decided to revisit one of his older films and write a review on it. With that I finished watching the Malayalam film Njan Prakashan on Netflix. Is it worth your time, stay tuned!

Story & Screenplay

Njan Prakashan follows the story of a self centered and lazy man who is a nurse by profession and aspires to work in Germany. Whether or whether not his dreams are fulfilled forms the rest of the story. The story is light hearted and frothy yet with a lot of warmth in it. The screenplay is pretty well written as well. In the initial few minutes when you are introduced to Prakashan rather PR Akash😂 you know you are in for an absolute treat. The humour is abundant in dollops here right through the first half where the situations created generate ample amount of laughter. Although the protagonist may not entirely be likable due to its traits, there is an inherent charm that makes you stand up and take notice of him. The twists and turns in the first hour are fun to watch culminating into a hilarious turn of events at the halfway mark. The second half was lile watching a fresh story altogether. The humour dries out and the drama becomes a little more serious and heartwarming. The final act is an emotional one and more of self realisation. My criticism here is that the transition from the first half to the second doesn’t really seem seamless. And that takes a bit of the shine out of the drama. Bit overall a really engaging screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are hilarious and will make you chuckle for sure. The music is adequate and blends well with the drama. The BGM too is pretty good. The film is shot extremely well which means full marks to the cinematography. Director Sathyan Anthikad does a fabulous job in keeping things light and frothy and also emotional and heartwarming in the second hour.


The performances are excellent here. Sreenivasan as Gopalji is hilarious. Nikhila Vimal as Salomi is excellent and does a good job with her conflicted character too. Devika Sanjay as Tina is brilliant and will really touch your heart through her performance. Anju Kurian as Shruthi also excels in an extended cameo. But it is Fahadh Faasil who is the star of the show yet again. He gets into the skin of the character which may not be entirely affable yet he infuses his own charm in it that helps the character blossom. Another acting masterclass and he is making a habit of it even now!


Njan Prakashan is yet another winner from Fahadh Faasil. Available on Netflix.

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