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Nizhal 2021 Crime Thriller Malayalam Movie Review


Sadiq Suleman
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Nizhal is a thriller movie streaming on Amazon Prime. It is available in Malayalam with English subtitles. The film directed is by Appu N. Bhattathiri and written by S. Sanjeev. It stars Kunchacko Boban and Nayanthara and also features Izin Hash, Rony David, Saiju Kurup and Divya Prabha in supporting roles. Appu N. Bhattathiri with Arunlal S. P. edited the film while Deepak D. Menon handled the cinematography. Sooraj S. Kurup composed the original songs and background score. The film is produced by Anto Joseph Film Company and Melange Film House in association with Tentpole Movies.


The film starts with sudden sound of a car crash on a forest road waking a bird. The bird wakes but just blinks. A judicial magistrate John Baby (Kunchacko Boban) recovering from a bad car accident, resumes his court duties wearing a peculiar Batman type of nose guard while his nose heals.

This of course causes a mild flutter in the staid courtroom atmosphere and left me wondering if it was a Batman type fantasy film, which fortunately it is not! The accident has left Baby seeing rain showers when it is not raining at all. His doctor assures him this is a temporary PTSD and will pass. Baby’s boss the CJM (Saiju Kurup) is also very supportive. Baby’s best friends (Rony David) and his psychologist wife Shalini (Divya Prabha) also reassure and encourage him.

Shalini mentions about her patient, a young boy Nitin (Izin Hash) referred by his school as he bizarrely narrates murder incidents and obscure place names which a child of that age should have no inkling about. She arranges for Baby to meet Nitin and his mother Sharmi (Nayanthara). Baby is more than intrigued and starts investigations which indeed turn up a skeleton …… going back a few decades.

Acting performances and direction

All characters in this film have played their role with perfection. Kunchacko Boban essays his role well. Nayanthara is okay. The child actor Izan Hash is somewhat stilted but looks cute enough. Saiju Kurup, Rony David, Divya Prabha, Baby’s mother (Srilatha), his court clerk Valsala (Jolly Chirayath), his driver, the old man Vishwanathan(Lal) and all the police characters are realistic and effective but their roles are limited.


The background music is tacky and soap opera melodramatic style sound effects which take the overall film down a notch or two. The last song in the end frames is good.


Overall, Nizhal is a good one time watch. This movie revolves around an ambiguous subject. If viewers watch it with an open mind, they would appreciate the efforts of the director.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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