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Onto the next release of the weekend and I have just finished watching the new Tamil film Netrikann on Hotstar starring the Lady Superstar Nayanthara. It is said to be an official adaptation of the South Korean 2011 film Blind which I do not have a reference of as I haven’t watched that. So this will be an independent take without any comparisons. What is more is that I did not watch the trailer of the film too, in other words I went into the movie ‘Blind'(you see the wordplay there😅), is the film worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Netrikann follows the story of an ex cop who is blind, and soon finds herself as a prime suspect in a hit and run case. The story is definitely interesting and manages to intrigue you. The screenplay is engaging as well. The opening sequence is thrilling and emotional too. But the film further shifts gears post that with the introduction of a mysterious pervert. The twists and turns that follow will keep you hooked and booked throughout. But more importantly there is this emotional thread that runs parallely throughout. As they say, what is a thriller without its emotions in check! Also, the tension that is created in so many scenes is something that needs to be studied, a case of building uo a scene! Another positive in the screenplay is the characterisation with several characters which are extremely well fleshed out including an intimidating antagonist. On the downside, there are a few loose ends which don’t seem to come together at the end. But overall a good screenplay that will keep you hooked throughout.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are well balanced and never over the top or melodramatic! The music is good and blends well with the drama, the BGM is exceptional! Director Milind Rau has done a splendid job. The movie at nearly 150 minutes went by like a breeze primarily due to its storytelling technique that keeps things tight more often than not!


The performances are pretty impressive. RJ Ananthi is pretty impressive in a cameo as Renuka. Manikandan as SI Manikandan is sincere and definitely leaves a mark. Saran Shakthi as Goutham is first rate and has a good screen presence. Ajmal Ameer as Dr James is pretty intimidating and a worthy opponent to our protagonist(this is not a whodunnit so no spoilers here). But it is the Lady Superstar Nayanthara who is spectacular as Durga, a role that demanded a certain amount of physicality from here. She literally lives her character, paying attention on the smaller nuances in what turns out to be an acting masterclass. And she looks gorgeous too!


Netrikann is another timely reminder of how far ahead the Tamil Film Industry is even when it comes to remakes. Thrills guaranteed here! Available on Hotstar!

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